Tasia Alexis Arrested? Why Did Tasia Alexis Hussey Go To Parison?

Tasia Alexis Hussey is a social media star who gained notoriety after uploading movies to the video-sharing website Vine. The majority of people know her simply as “Tasia from Vine.”

Before Vine was shut down in 2016, she was one of its most well-known creators with more than 3 million followers. Later, she transferred her fan base to Instagram and continued to produce well-liked content.

Fans, though, were perplexed when she started to disappear from the website. She then admitted to being pregnant before abruptly vanishing altogether. She has over 1.3 million followers on TikTok now, and she has finally disclosed the reason behind her disappearance. She was incarcerated!

Is Tasia Alexis In A Relationship?

Tasia Alexis started her career by publishing online material on the app Vine. She instantly caught the attention of the public thanks to her appearance and content, and soon became one of the Vine stars with the fastest growth. She had amassed about 3.6 million fans at the time the app was shut down. Since she excelled at creating online material, she wasn’t deterred, and other platforms like Instagram became her next stronghold. There, she has gained and continues to gain more than 500,000 followers.

Despite having a YouTube channel, she has only ever posted one video there. She focuses more on everyday life coverage on Twitter and Instagram due to transitional difficulties. Her partnership with Vine sensation Alexander Holtti and internet personality Sam Pottorff was her viral and popularity-boosting event. She gained even more fans after her performance with Alexander Holt at the House of Blues in Los Angeles in June 2014. Tasia has more than 224,000 followers on Twitter and 591,000 followers on Instagram combined. She currently resides on TikTok as well.

How Much Is Tasia Alexis’s Net Worth?

Alexis’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. This comprises all resources, including money and earnings. Despite leading a luxury lifestyle, Tasia’s lifestyle is regarded as modest when compared to her wealth and possessions. Her work as a television personality and online content creator is her main source of income.

Tasia Alexis Arrested? Why Did Tasia Alexis Hussey Go To Parison?

Why Did Tasia Alexis Hussey Go To Parison?

Tasia recently revealed her prison experience on TikTok and even released her mugshot with her followers. Many people who are interested in Tasia Alexis are now curious as to why she spent her time doing it. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office reports that Tasia was detained and accused of forgery and methamphetamine possession. Her arrest provides some insight into why Tasia vanished for many who were once interested in her.

Tasia was formerly a celebrity on Vine, a short-form humor app that was discontinued years ago. Tasia knew how to make videos for that audience and had more than 3 million followers on the network. Tasia moved a large portion of her sizable following from Vine to Instagram, where she had more than 450,000 followers after Vine went away.

Many questioned whether something was wrong with the former social media sensation as she started to disappear from Instagram. Despite eventually disclosing her pregnancy, she had stopped posting entirely by the beginning of 2019. Tasia had actually ceased posting because she had been detained in February of that year, it turned out. Tasia is being open about the reason behind her disappearance from social media now that she is on Tiktok.

Was Tasia Alexis Arrested In 2019

Tasia was detained on February 19, 2019, and according to records from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, she was charged with forgery and methamphetamine possession.

She had run into trouble with the law previously as well. According to Newton County Jail records, she was detained by Georgia State Patrol agents in August 2018 on suspicion of DUI.

Tasia Alexis Arrested? Why Did Tasia Alexis Hussey Go To Parison?

How did Tasia Alexis Achieve Awards In Her Career?

Tasia started posting videos on Vine while she was in her final year of high school, and via these films, she quickly rose to fame.
She frequently shares images of her daily life on her many accounts. She posted about her arrest on TikTik and even uploaded a photo of her mugshot. Within a relatively short period of time, this film gained a sizable following after going viral.

Tasia was successful in gaining more than 420,000 followers on Instagram. She frequently shares selfies, pictures of herself modeling, and images of her daughter Green.

where Is Tasia Alexis Now?

Since joining TikTok, Alexis has returned to her original source of fame, which was making short, hilarious, and intelligent movies. She is able to communicate with her audience once more through such content, which also increases views and followers.

She instantly catches the attention of her target audience thanks to her wonderful appearance and misty eyes, and according to her content, she is the ideal example of “splendor with brains.” With the help of this platform, she has been able to return to the activity that helped her establish her reputation as a celebrity: creating short, witty, and entertaining content for viewers.

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