Tall Girl Cast: An Evaluation Of The Ensemble Performances

“Tall Girl” is a 2019 American teen romantic comedy film directed by Nzingha Stewart and written by Sam Wolfson. The film follows Jodi Kreyman, a high school student who struggles with her height of 6’1″. She faces constant teasing and insecurity because of her size and doesn’t fit in with her peers. However, when a new student named Stig arrives at her school, Jodi develops feelings for him, despite his shorter stature.

As Jodi navigates her feelings and learns to embrace her uniqueness, she also learns important lessons about self-acceptance and the true meaning of beauty. The film stars Ava Michelle as Jodi, Griffin Gluck as Stig, Sabrina Carpenter as Jodi’s best friend, and Luke Eisner as Jodi’s romantic interest.

Who Is Featured In The Cast Of Tall Girl On Netflix?

Friends, assemble in the center, for Netflix is about to shower us with another romantic comedy. Jodi, a high school girl who is 6 feet 1 inch tall and is bullied for her height, will be the protagonist of the upcoming drama Tall Girl, which will debut on a streaming service on Friday, September 13th. The group, which also includes a former member of Dancing Moms named Ava Michelle, is loaded with well-known performers and rising stars in their early careers.

The cast of “Tall Girl” includes:

  1. Ava Michelle as Jodi Kreyman
  2. Griffin Gluck as Jack Dunkleman
  3. Sabrina Carpenter as Harper Kreyman
  4. Luke Eisner as Stig Mohlin
  5. Paris Berelc as Liz
  6. Clara Wilsey as Kimmy Stitcher
  7. Rico Paris as Schnipper
  8. Angela Kinsey as Helaine Kreyman
  9. Steve Zahn as Richie Kreyman
  10. Bria Condon as Brittany
  11. Anjelika Washington as Fareeda
  12. Kelly Murtagh as Dr. Holbrooke

Directed by Nzingha Stewart and written by Sam Wolfson. Tall Girl’s IMBD rating is 5.2 out of 10.

Ava Michelle Plays Jodi Kreyman

Ava Michelle, who is only 17 years old, plays the role of Jodi, and yes, she is that tall in real life (obviously!). You probably recognize Ava from the program Dance Moms if you’re a fan of the franchise. Throughout the years 2014-2017, she was in a total of 18 episodes. Abby Lee Miller took a particularly vicious swing at her, primarily because she was tall.

Tall Girl Cast

Luke Eisner Plays Stig

Luke, a newcomer who is also a model and a singer, plays the role of Stig, an international student exchange participant, in the film Tall Girl. This is Luke’s first significant role. Luke’s modeling portfolio may find campaigns for Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, H&M, and Stuart Weitzman. In addition to that, he is a member of the pop/rock band Voil. In case you were curious, Luke is 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

Sabrina Carpenter Plays Harper Kreyman

Sabrina Carpenter, the former queen of the Disney Channel and current pop sensation, makes her debut on Netflix with the film Tall Girl. She plays the part of Jodi’s sister Harper, who is significantly younger and much shorter than Jodi. You most likely recognize Sabrina from her successful career as a musician and her performances in Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel, Adventures in Babysitting, and various other films such as The Hate U Give. Note that Sabrina has a height of 1m.

Clara Wilsey Plays Kimmy

Clara’s debut in front of the camera comes in the film Tall Girl. She will play Kimmy, the girl with the most friends at school who is also Jodi’s archrival. The model, which is 21 years old, has been published in several publications, one of which is GQ.

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Anjelika Washington Plays Fareeda

In the movie, Anjelika Washington plays the role of Jodi’s closest friend Fareeda. Anjelika has also made guest appearances on several television episodes, including Young Sheldon, Shameless, and Marvel’s Runaways.

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Griffin Gluck Plays Jack Dunkleman

Griffin will play the role of Jodi’s eccentric and best male friend, Dunkleman, whose family ultimately becomes Stig’s host family. Griffin has made guest appearances on a wide variety of television programs and films over the years, some of the most notable of which include American Vandal on Netflix, Private Practice, Red Band Society, Locke & Key, and Just Go With It, in which he played the role of Jennifer Aniston’s son Michael alongside Adam Sandler and Bailey Madison.

Paris Berelc Plays Liz

Paris Berelc, who you most likely recognize as Alexa from the Netflix series Alexa & Katie, will portray the role of Liz, the eccentric best friend of Jodi’s tormentor Kimmy. Berelc’s character on Alexa & Katie was named Alexa. Rowan Blanchard co-starred with Paris in Disney’s Mighty Med and Invisible Sister, both of which Paris acted in.

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