Stephen King Adaptation Billy Summers Changes From Limited Series To Feature Film!

According to Deadline, Warner Brothers has already purchased Stephen King’s 2021 crime book “Billy Summers,” with J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot serving as producer. One of King’s most recent novels will soon be adapted for the big screen.

It was reported by the same publication almost precisely a year ago that Bad Robot was going to adapt the book into a limited series, so there has been a slight change in plans since then.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way is also produced alongside J.J. Abrams, and Deadline has speculated that DiCaprio himself would act in the film while Abrams is directing.

However, the movie is still in its early stages, and considering what transpired with “The Devil in the White City,” we know better than to put all of our dream-casting hopes in one basket when it comes to DiCaprio’s producing endeavors.

But “Billy Summers” is something to get pumped up about. This will be the fourth King adaptation produced by Bad Robot, following the King-verse mystery-thriller “Castle Rock,” the Hulu limited series “11.22.63,” and the Apple TV+ version of “Lisey’s Story.

The first King piece from Bad Robot to be adapted for the big screen is the tale of a hitman who poses as a writer. Abrams committed to a rumored $250 million contract with Warner Bros. in 2019, which is valid through 2024. King’s books have previously enjoyed great success with Warner Bros, most notably with the “It” blockbuster adaptations in 2017 and 2019.

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The King Cinematic World Continues To Grow

Stephen King Adaptation Billy Summers Changes From Limited Series To Feature Film!

While no cast has been formally associated with the project yet, “The Last Samurai” screenwriters Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz are on board to develop the script.

The New York Times bestseller “Billy Summers” by Stephen King isn’t your classic Stephen King horror tale; instead, it’s a noir-style thriller about an Iraq War veteran turned assassin who wants to complete one more mission before giving up on life forever. Kind of like “Barry,” but told in a Stephen King fashion.

One of many King adaptations now in development, Warner Bros. is also planning to produce a much-needed (and spooky-sounding) update of one of the author’s best-known writings, “Salem’s Lot.”

The Duffer Brothers and Netflix are making “The Talisman,” Lucy Liu is starring in a “Later” series for Blumhouse, Bryan Fuller is developing a new “Christine,” and Edgar Wright is reportedly working on his adaptation of “The Running Man.”

This proves that love for the prolific horror author’s work cannot be contained to just one studio. As this is by no means a complete list, “Billy Summers” joins the ranks of several eagerly anticipated works from the horror maestro.

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