Sona Jobarteh Husband: Is She Single?

Sona Jobarteh Husband: Maya Sona Jobarteh, a member of one of the five main West African kora-playing (griot) families, was born in London. She is the first female member of this family to succeed in the kora.

This harp-like instrument with 21 strings was only passed down from father to son. The Mandingo peoples of West Africa place a high value on this instrument, which is only played by a select group of families known as griots.

Toumani Diabaté, a well-known and renowned kora player, is her cousin. Galina Chester, her mother, is from England. Sidiki Jobarteh-Codjoe, her son, was born in 2010.

Since she was three years old, Sanjally Jobarteh, her father, has taught her how to play the kora. Initially, her older brother Tunde Jegede, who is 11 years older than she is, taught her how to play the instrument.

She pursued studies in composition at the Purcell School of Music after completing her studies in cello, piano, and harpsichord at the Royal College of Music. She also earned a degree from the University of London’s SOAS. She speaks both English and Mandinka with ease. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Sona Jobarteh Husband.

Sona Jobarteh Husband: Is She Single?

Since Sona Jobareth is not married and is still single, her husband is not visible in the photo. Sona Jobareth is devoted to her musical career and social activism; hence there is no information about her husband or recent relationships.

How Did Sona Jobarteh Start Her Career As A Singer?

She had her stage debut at London’s Jazz Café when she was four years old, and throughout her early years, she frequently appeared at festivals. The “River of Sound” with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, featuring Evelyn Glennie, and other collaborative works, including performances with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia, Milton Keynes City Orchestra, and the Viva Chamber Orchestra, were all orchestral projects she worked on while still a music student.

She appeared in concert in Vienna in 2002 alongside acclaimed jazz vocalist Cleveland Watkiss, who was also the opening act for Cassandra Wilson at the Barbican in London. In Damon Albarn’s Mali Music Project, which was later played for Jools Holland, she also contributed.

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Oumou Sangaré, Toumani Diabaté, Kasse Made Diabaté, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra have all performed on stage with her. Jobarteh is a consistent performer with her brother Tunde Jegede’s African Classical Music Ensemble, which has performed throughout the Caribbean, Africa, England, and Ireland.

She made two compositions for his albums Malian Royal Court Music and Lamentations, one of which was included on the album Trance Planet Vol. 5. (released on Triloka records, Virgin in the US).

She collaborates with renowned spoken-word performer HKB Finn as a producer, co-writer, singer, and instrumentalist. She has a band that includes Kari Bannerman on electric guitar, Kyazi Lugangira on acoustic guitar, Mamadou Sarr on African percussion (such as the calabash or djembe), Alexander Boateng on drums, and Andi McLean on bass for her solo performances, such as her appearance at the 2014 Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico.

Her debut album, Afro-Acoustic Soul, included songs on societal issues and a love that was both sour and sweet. This album’s inspirations include some that might be played on more traditional European radio formats. The next was Fasiya (2011). On Ballake Sissoko‘s 2021 album Djourou, she makes a cameo appearance.

Additionally, Jobarteh teaches the kora in London. In the Gambia, she assisted her father, Sanjay Jobarteh, in establishing a formal music school, given her legendary grandfather’s name.

Sona Jobarteh Husband
Sona Jobarteh Husband

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What Is Sona Jobarteh Net Worth?

After 10 years, Sona Jobarteh’s current album, “Badinya Kumo,” was released on Friday, September 23, 2022. The wealth of Sona Jobarteh In 2022, Sona Jobarteh, a multi-instrumentalist from the United Kingdom, has $6 million estimated net worth 2022.

She challenged male unification over the instrument Kora, making her a distinctive and shocking musical symbol of her period. The kora is a West African string instrument that originated in a 13th-century empire and has only been passed down through the generations among members of the Griot family.

Men were also tasked with playing instruments in the West African griot tradition, while women were charged with singing. On the other hand, she changed her mind after asking her father to arrange for her to play. She is currently the first internationally successful Kora player.

The griots, including Jobarteh and her extended family, come from a long history of singers and historians. Her song expertly combines the modern world with the lifestyle of the Griots, connecting with listeners everywhere.

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