Severance Ending Explained: How Is Irving Investigating Outie Lumon?

Severance Ending Explained: One might initially anticipate Severance to be a comedy given the presence of actors like Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, and Christopher Walken, as well as Ben Stiller serving as director and executive producer.

Instead, the Apple TV+ has turned out to be a rather bizarre sci-fi psychological thriller about a man named Mark Scout (Scott), a worker of the evil biotech company Lumon Industries, who consents to undergo a “severance” procedure in which his non-work memories are entirely separated from his work memories.

It’s pretty apparent that something is wrong with Lumon right away, and as the story of terminated employees like Dylan George (Cherry), Helly Riggs (Britt Lower), Irving Bailiff (John Turturro), Burt Goodman (Walken), Ms. Casey (Dichen Lachman), and other characters like Harmony Corbel/Mrs. Selvig (Patricia Arquette), Seth Milchick (Tramell Tillman), Devon Hale (Jen Tul (Michael Chernus). Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Severance Ending Explained.

Severance Ending Explained: What Happens At The End Of Severance Season 1? 

The first season of Severance has been a crazy ride, and the finale lived up to the promise of completely blowing our brains.

Dylan successfully executed the overtime contingency plan at the beginning of episode 9, reawakening Mark, Irving, and Helly’s “Innies” in the outside world.

When Outie Mark’s neighbor, Mrs. Selvig, a.k.a. Mark’s Innie, wakes up, he is in his sister Devon’s house holding Harmony Cobel.

Even though she was officially dismissed in a previous episode, she decides to intervene to stop her employees before they can figure out what Lumon is genuinely up to after Mark accidentally phones her Corbel and informs her of his and the other severed workers’ current Innie status.

In the meantime, Helly’s Innie awakens during the Lumon Gala and discovers that she is, in fact (pause for dramatic effect)… Helena Eagan, the daughter of Lumon CEO Jame Eagan, will speak at the event and try to persuade attendees that severance is fantastic and should be made legal for everyone.

Helly isn’t going to serve as the spokesperson for the organization and procedure that have caused her and her coworkers so much suffering, though, now that she has awakened her Innie and is thereby aware of herself.

Naturally realizing this, Cobel rushes to interrupt Helly’s intended speech. But it’s too late now. You Know the next season will have a hell(y) a time dealing with the aftermath of Helly using her platform to talk about how Innies like herself have been tormented and oppressed by her father’s firm!

Finally, we have Innie Irving, who awakens in his apartment to find his Outie’s military background, unsettling artworks, and the Lumon employee directory, which he uses to find Burt, whose safety he has been worrying about and who his Innie self cares a great deal about.

Severance Ending Explained
Severance Ending Explained

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Burt is alive and well when he arrives; as a result, Irving is made to discover and see the guy he loves blissfully married to another man, causing him to experience heartbreak.

And if you thought THAT was a shocker, wait till you hear that Mark’s wife, Gemma, whose passing prompted him to accept this severance job with Lumon in the first place, might have been ALIVE THE WHOLE TIME (gasp)! Not only that, but even more horrifyingly, it appears that Gemma and Ms. Casey, the office wellness counselor, are identical, suggesting that he may have been working with her all along.

However, their Innies are turned off and forced back into their Outie selves, leaving us on a major cliffhanger as the action and juicy drama-packed finale episode comes to a close.

Before he can tell his sister the news, Irving can confront Burt, and Helly can say anything else about the actual severance experience.

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Will There Be A Second Season Of Severance?

It would almost be criminal for Severance to finish there after that massive cliffhanger of a Season 1 conclusion. Fortunately, no arrests will be made because Apple TV+ confirmed the show’s renewal for a second season on Wednesday, April 6.

The Severance Season 2 launch date has not been authorized, but we can assume it will air on Apple TV+ in 2023 or no later than the first part of 2024.

By then, maybe, we’ll know what the heck is going on with the Optics and Design division, Irving’s black goo hallucinations, the actual job duties of the Lumon staff, and those baby goats (to name a few things we’re currently scratching our heads about).

 Where To Watch Severance Season 1?

Severance Ending Explained
Severance Ending Explained

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Severance Season 1’s nine episodes may be seen right now on Apple TV+. Severance is available on the Apple TV app, some smart TVs, gaming consoles, and cable set-top boxes, as well as in your browser at with an Apple TV+ subscription or trial.

You can sign up for a seven-day free trial for new subscribers to Apple TV+ and then pay $4.99/month if you decide to continue using the service after that week is over if you currently don’t have access to it (which we highly recommend since there are so many awesome things on the platform right now).

How Is Irving Investigating Outie Lumon?

Dylan implemented the overtime procedure, and as a result, we learned some unexpected details about Irving’s life. Although Helena may have been the more significant revelation, Irving’s outie also holds a lot of secrets. Most importantly, he is looking into Lumon.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Irving from the outside, even though we learn much more about his life in these brief interactions. He repeatedly paints the same hallway, but all we know is that it leads to the elevator that allows us to leave Lumon.

At first, it was thought that this was the series that made it known that workers who had been amputated could access their innie’s memories. However, the investigation’s discovery throws up a whole new set of problems.

We know that Irving has been severed for the longest time and that Lumon has been the target of legal action. Is it possible that Irving’s outie is beginning to have flashes of what he sees inside.

That severance isn’t as permanent as they believe, Or perhaps he was employed by the company before his separation and is trying to retain the little things he still remembers.

 He appears to know something, but we are not given access. We only know that Innie Irving is searching for Burt and that the conclusion has devastated us.

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