Santa Ana Mother: Deathly Shooting Of A Santa Ana Mother In Front Of Her Husband And Son

Santa Ana Mother: Last week, a mother of three from Santa Ana was fatally shot in front of her husband and kids. According to the police, the intended victims were two teenagers who were seen on surveillance footage fleeing the gunfire.

NBC4 met with the victim’s husband, who is pleading with the public for assistance in finding the murderer. A terrible loss for this five-person family.

The woman’s husband claims they were looking at each other just before she was shot, and he is now pleading with someone to identify the white automobile shown on security footage.

According to authorities, the mother was identified as Maria Del Refugio Mora, 36. The woman’s husband, who wished to remain unnamed, stated in Spanish, “She was the best wife, the best mother, and she will always be in my heart.

To get his family’s tale out there, Mora’s husband claims he does not want to discuss or reveal his name. It has been quite difficult for me, he remarked.

He claims that he, his wife, and their 3-year-old son went to a pizza shop at the intersection of Cypress and Edinger in Santa Ana last Sunday around 4:30 p.m.

He claims that when he and his son got the pizza, his wife went to the liquor store and bought a soda. He turned to face his wife as they approached the car from different angles when he heard gunfire and saw her.

The 36-year-old mother is not visible in the CCTV footage, but authorities suspect that the two teenagers who are shown falling to the ground were the intended targets. The white automobile from which the shots were fired departs in the meantime.

According to the direction the car was moving, Santa Ana police Sgt. Maria Lopez said, “We suspect there was another person inside.” Mora passed away a few days after being taken urgently to the hospital.

Her husband and three sons, who are all under the age of 15, are going through a trying holiday season and need the community’s help. The two teenagers on the surveillance video, according to the police, have been questioned. Although the incident is still being investigated, authorities think the gang-related activity was involved.

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