What Is Samboy Lim Illness? Slam Dunk Legacy and Courageous Health Struggle!

Samboy “The Skywalker” Lim, also known as Avelino Borromeo Lim Jr., is a former professional basketball player from the Philippines who played for the Philippine Basketball Association in the 1980s and 1990s.

He made a name for himself as a high-flying wing by making flashy and frequently risky excursions to the basket that were finished with acrobatic shots, hang-time moves, or slam dunks. He was a five-time All-Star and was chosen twice for the PBA Mythical Team, but he was unable to play a full season owing to several injuries he suffered on the court, hence he did not receive a Most Valuable Player Award.

The news regarding Samboy Lim’s condition is of interest to his admirers, and this article provides it together with other information concerning Lim.

Samboy Lim Illness

The most recent update published on their official Facebook page, Samboy Lim, the Skywalker and a PBA icon, is currently in stable condition. The report stated that Samboy is receiving wonderful care from his family and the medical staff.

Samboy Lim Illness

The 60-year-old basketball legend will continue to attend routine sessions of occupational and physical therapy. Lim has struggled with his health ever since passing out during an exhibition game in 2014. Even though he came to after being unconscious for a week, he has been confined to his bed ever since.

Samboy Lim earned a spot among San Miguel’s iconic players and was acknowledged as one of the PBA’s 40 Greatest Players. He was known for his amazing aerial skills during his time. According to The Skywalker’s official Facebook page, Samboy Lim, a PBA legend who has been fighting health issues since 2014, has now stabilized.

He is reportedly receiving exceptional treatment from a medical staff that includes Dr. Luigi Segundo, his daughter Jamie Lim, and his ex-spouse Atty. He has received support from Lelen Berberabe during this trying time. Lim, 60, will be going through routine occupational and physical therapy.

Inquiries are made by Chip Engelland to Samboy Lim, Lelen, and Johann. Samboy would have made it to the NBA, and in the present day, a little bit taller Samboy would be a lock for the NBA! Being Filipino at heart, Chip will always consider the Philippines his second home.

Chip! picture on Twitter,” Chip Engelland visits Samboy Lim, Lelen & Johann … Chip said Samboy wouldve made it to NBA & in todays era, a slightly taller Samboy would be an NBA shoo-in! Philippines will always be 2nd home to Chip who’s a Pinoy at heart! See you again Chip!”

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