Who Is Royal Reign Jones Neil And Mr Paper? Why Is She So Famous?

The rapper and actress Lil Kim’s baby, Lil’ Kim’s Daughter (Royal Reign), was the focus of a custody dispute between Kim and her father, Mr Papers. According to her biography, Royal Reign was born on June 9, 2014. Her current age, then, was five years old in 2019. Lil Kim and Jeremy Neil, the couple’s parents, gave birth to Royal Reign (Mr Papers).

She was born in New Jersey and weighed 6 lbs., 5 oz. When she was born, per wiki-bio. In February 2014, her mother announced the happy news of her pregnancy at a Fashion Week event. Lil Kim’s firstborn kid is Royal Reign. She reportedly has a younger half-brother who is Mr Paper’s son. His identity and personal information are kept private.

Congenital ptosis, an eye disease, was present in Royal Reign at birth. The eyelid-raising muscle weakness might have brought on her condition. Otherwise, nerve injury might have been the cause. Through proper surgery, this problem is very treatable. However, experts advise waiting until the youngster is at least three years old to perform the procedure.

Who Is Royal Reign Jones Neil?

The fact that Royal Reigns was born to two well-known rappers is a blessing. At New Jersey’s Hackensack University Medical Center, she was born on June 9, 2014. Her large baby shower caught the media’s attention and became a trending news topic. Additionally, the young princess was born with an eye problem that we will discuss.

After the birth of Lil Kim’s kid, Royal Reign, she and her ex-husband Mr Papers divorced. Even after the couple’s romance ended, Royal remained a connection between them. They got into a custody dispute over the young princess.

Who Is Royal Reign Jones Neil’s Father, Mr Paper?

Rapper Mr Papers first came to public attention in 2012 due to his friendship with Lil’ Kim, another rapper. Of course, Mr Papers could not live up to his moniker. Mr Papers’ estimated net worth in 2022 will be around $150,000.

Mr Papers was born in Honduras on June 13, 1988. A son from a prior relationship is said to exist for him. But he began dating Lil’ Kim in 2012. They experienced an intense on-and-off romance, and in 2013, they collaborated on the Papers and Lil’ song “Pour it Up,” which was released.

Royal Reign Jones Neil, Lil’ Kim’s daughter, was born in June 2014. Mr Papers is the father, as it later came to light. He reportedly had plans to wed Lil’ Kim, but those fell through, and the two later split up. Nevertheless, they appear to have resumed their romance and are still together as of 2022.

Who Is Royal Reign Jones Neil’s Mother?

Who Is Royal Reign Jones Neil And Mr Paper?
Who Is Royal Reign Jones, Neil And Mr Paper?

In 2012, Mr Papers became well-known due to his friendship with musician Lil’ Kim. In June 2014, Lil’ Kim gave birth to a daughter named Royal Reigns. It turns out that he is the father.

According to the media, he had intended to wed Lil’ Kim, but things didn’t work out. They’re no longer a couple. Jeremy Neil, often known as Mr Paper, is a native of New York. After working hard to establish his business, Mr Paper dislikes being known only as Lil Kim’s baby daddy or ex-boyfriend.

He expressed his sadness at not having custody of his kid in freestyle during a highly publicized custody battle for his daughter in 2015. When Lil Kim alleged that Mr Papers had been physically abusive during their relationship, the couple’s custody battle heated.

In court, she declared that she did not want him to be Royal’s parent. Multiple times on social media, Mr Papers expressed regret for their split, but he steadfastly denied her claims of violent behaviour. In a since-deleted video, he broke down in tears over not being able to see his child.

Are Royal Reign’s Parents Still Together?

Following the birth of Lil Kim’s child, Royal Reign Jones Neil, the relationship between Lil Kim and Mr Papers ended. At first, Mr Papers claimed paternity in court, but the custody controversy eventually faded. Even though their relationship terminated, Mr Papers is said to be close to his young daughter. Papers, the band’s lead singer, also penned a song about his ex-wife Queen Bee even though he is battling for custody of their child.

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