What Was Ronnie Turner Net Worth? How Did He Die?

Ronnie Turner Net Worth: The son of retired American-born Swiss singer and actress Tina Turner, Ronnie Turner was a well-known celebrity guy or child. At the age of 62, Ronnie Turner passed away. His mother and family pay him respect. Ronnie Turner was reportedly having trouble breathing outside of their home on Thursday morning, according to the police.

In the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, onlookers performed CPR when paramedics arrived. According to sources, Ronnie, Tina’s second child, was unable to be saved despite their best attempts and was declared dead at the scene. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Ronnie Turner Net Worth.

Who Was Ronnie Turner?

One of Tina Turner’s four children from her first marriage to the late Ike Turner was Ronnie Turner. Ronnie was born in 1960, thanks to Tina and her husband, Ike. The pair broke up in 1976 when Tina accused Ike of assaulting her. Ike later died from a heroin overdose in 2007.

An image of Angela Basset’s late son Ronnie was featured in her biography from 1993. He co-starred with his mother in the 1993 biographical picture “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” which was based on her life.

The authorities assumed he was selling cocaine when they found it in his hands in August 1999 because he had a history of drug-related offenses. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Ronnie Turner Net Worth.

What Was Ronnie Turner Net Worth?

As of 2022, musician Ronnie Turner had a net worth of close to $1 million. After Ronnie passed away, his family received a considerable inheritance. He made a sizable portion of his net worth via live performances, album sales, and acting.

The majority of Ronnie Turner’s revenue came from numerous films. He was one of Tina Turner’s wealthiest sons. He worked on some other projects as well, which eventually enabled him to boost his overall net worth.

What Was Ronnie Turner Net Worth?
What Was Ronnie Turner Net Worth?

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What Is The Professional Career of Ronnie Turner?

Thanks to his parents, Ronnie Turner was gifted musically and had a knack for arranging music. He began singing and playing various instruments at a very young age. Ronnie frequently played bass guitar in his mother’s band after his parent’s divorce in 1978. Later, he joined his father’s band as well.

Ronnie Turner chose acting as his career despite having musical talent. Despite his renowned parents’ fame and connections, Ronnie had difficulty breaking into the Hollywood scene. After several setbacks, his skill emerged, and he was offered a part in the 1993 film What’s Love Got to Do With It.

The life of his mother, Tina Turner, who left her physically and psychologically violent marriage to his father, Ike Turner, to become a singing sensation, served as the inspiration for the film. Ronnie is well known for his performance in the movie “Ike and Tina Turner Revue.”

After very little is known about his acting career, he still appears in supporting roles in Hollywood productions. He reportedly also played bass guitar in a band called The Prophets, located in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, and eventually changed its name to Black Angel in 1999. He currently works as a real estate broker in Los Angeles, California, where he earns a respectable living.

Is Ronnie Turner Married? Who Is His Wife?

Despite his musical ability, people are more interested in learning about his dating status. Additionally, we discovered that he is married due to our inquiry. In addition, Ronnie Turner wed Afida, his former girlfriend, who is now his wife. Additionally, the charming life partners married on March 4, 2007. His wife is a well-known musician and reality TV star.

Their marriage also had many ups and downs, as was evident. They did, however, assert that they have a close relationship in multiple interviews. When we looked into his connection a little more, we discovered that Afida and Ronnie’s mother don’t get along well. They feel they don’t connect well after being married for a while. Additionally, learn about Jamie Hector’s marriage.

Tina accused her of failing to lend her son money when he had financial difficulties. Ronnie and Afida decided to divorce in June 2017. However, they have reconciled and are now cohabitating. And as of right now, Los Angeles, California, is home to many happy married couples.

Ronnie and Afida haven’t had a contentious life up to this point. There is also information regarding their children, but we will let you know if we discover it. Additionally, while Ronnie’s mother and wife are quite active on social media, he appears to avoid it and lives a quiet life away from the spotlight.

What Was Ronnie Turner Net Worth?
What Was Ronnie Turner Net Worth?

How Did He Die?

Ronnie Turner, a well-known and Grammy-winning singer passed away on December 8, 2022, at his home in Los Angeles. On Friday, it was still unknown what ultimately caused Ronnie Turner to pass away so suddenly.

However, according to accounts, someone called 911 early Thursday morning to report that Ronnie was having breathing issues outside their residence and eventually stopped breathing. Despite attempts by onlookers to perform CPR on him, responding paramedics ruled him dead on the spot.

Also, paying respect to her son, Tina Turner said, “Ronnie, you departed the world too soon. I close my eyes in sorrow as I consider you my beloved son.

I was your mother, nurse, and tiny monster, as his wife, the actress-singer Afida Turner, recalled him in a lengthy caption. Despite my best efforts, I could not spare you from this catastrophe this time. I’m truly sorry! Also, I adore you!

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