Who Is Roger Hazard Wife? Is He Gay?

Roger Hazard Wife: Roger Hazard, the house stager and designer on Sell This House, is an American designer, television host, and producer. Hazard, born in Houston, Texas, attended Texas A&M University and participated in the Corps of Cadets. He pursued studies in both architecture and horticulture.

Hazard created the designer and house stager position on A&E’s Sell This House from the program’s launch in 2003 until 2011. Additionally, he contributed to Sell This House: Extreme and appeared on Move This House for A&E. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Roger Hazard Wife.

Hazard left A&E in 2012 and co-founded Roger + Chris, a furniture and interior design business, with her husband, Chris Stout. The couple moved from Austin, Texas, to Sharon Springs, New York, in the same year. The couple finished significant renovations to their new Victorian house in Sharon Springs in 2014.

Who Is Roger Hazard Wife?

Roger Hazard is a contented husband and wife. However, when it comes to his sexuality, he is gay. He married Chris Stout, his longtime partner, in Lowa in August 2011 in front of their families. Stout held a technology executive position with many financial institutions.

Later, after moving to Austin to work for a startup company, he fell in love with Hazard. The two love to work together and enjoy each other’s company. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Roger Hazard Wife.

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Who Is Roger Hazard?

American television producer, designer, and host Roger Hazard. He was a Cadet Corps member at Texas A&M University, where he studied horticulture and architectural design. After finishing college, Hazard launched his design and remodeling business. As a result of the business’s success, he established himself in New York City.

There he caught the eye of a television producer, who went on to create the reality TV series Sell This House based on Hazard’s professional career. It was chosen by A&E Network, premiered in 2003, and finally received an “Emmy Award” nomination.

Also, Move This House (2005) and Sell This House: Extreme (2011–2012), which both starred Hazard, were also released on the same network. In contrast, he quit the network in 2012 to form Roger + Chris with his business partner Chris Stout.

Additionally, Hazard’s work was highlighted in some regional, national, and worldwide publications. Additionally, he made guest appearances on NBC, ABC, and CBS.

He also wrote a daily piece for The Austin-American Statesman in addition. Other magazines including Time, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, USA TODAY, Entertainment Weekly, and InStyle, have also carried articles by Hazard.

Who Is Roger Hazard Wife?
Who Is Roger Hazard Wife?

Image Source: aetv.com

How Did Roger Hazard Start His Career?

Roger Hazard founded Roger+Chris after quitting his job as a television personality. With his wife, Chris Stout, Hazard founded a home remodeling and design business. The team produces and distributes a wide range of goods.

They sell sectional furniture, sleepers, swatches, and sofas. The team offers its clients a variety of helpful design advice and tricks. They additionally provide facilities like staging.

Roger Hazard’s first appearance in the entertainment sector was in 2003. He appeared in the reality TV program “Sell This House,” which was broadcast on the A&E TV network and received generally favorable reviews as one of the designers. Tanya Memme, the program host, collaborated with Roger while he was there.

The show became dependent on Roger Hazard, who played one of its key roles. He participated in 168 episodes of the program. After that, he appeared in Sell This House: Extreme’s second season. In ten episodes, Roger appeared as both a host and a designer for the program.

Additionally, he supported the series’ production team. For ten episodes, Roger Hazard worked as a consulting producer. Sadly, he decided to quit the show and launch his own company in 2012. Roger left the program because he only wanted to focus on a home’s architectural style. Hazard established his own business to design and style his clients’ homes and create “Made in USA” furniture for them.

Is He Gay?

Breaking the news to you, Roger has been publicly gay for numerous years and boldly flaunts his love life with his husband on his social media accounts while many are still unsure who his wife is.

In Lowa, in August 2011, Roger wed his devoted husband, Chris. Throughout the decade of their developing love relationship, the two had experienced everything together, from the happiest highs to the darkest lows.

The designer’s heartfelt anniversary statement on his Instagram speaks volumes about their adventures over the past ten years. Their relationship is still going strong, and they still have many more milestones to celebrate, in addition to traveling to different countries and sharing every memorable occasion.

Who Is Roger Hazard Wife?
Who Is Roger Hazard Wife?

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What Is Roger Hazard’s Net Worth?

Belgian soccer player Eden Hazard has a $100 million fortune. From 2012 until 2019, he was a winger and attacking midfielder for Chelsea in the Premier League. In 2019, he moved to Real Madrid. He represents the Belgian national squad as well.

On January 7, 1991, Eden Hazard was born in La Louviere, Belgium. He participated in several under-21 Belgian teams before making his professional debut in 2008, appearing in 45 games and tallying six goals through May 2014. He played for Lille in the Premier League from 2007 to 2012, making 192 games while doing so and scoring 50 goals.

Two seasons after joining Chelsea in 2012, he scored 30 goals (111 appearances). With Lille, Hazard won the Coupe de France in 2010–11, the Ligue 1 championship, and the UEFA Europa League with Chelsea in 2012–13.

The UNFP Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year twice, the UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Year twice (2010-11, 2011-12), and three-time selections to the UNFMP Ligue 1 Team of the Year from 2009 to 2012 are just a few of Hazard’s accolades.

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