Olivia Culpo And Christian McCaffrey Just Gotten Engaged!

Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo are engaged! On Friday, the model published an announcement on Instagram. In the picture, the San Francisco 49ers player is knelt down, while Culpo has her hands over her face in apparent disbelief.

After dating for over four years, the pair got engaged. With a ring created by Ring Concierge and with the couple’s dog Oliver Sprinkles watching, McCaffrey proposed to the couple while they were on vacation in Utah. The ring that Culpo is wearing is a two-tone Whisper Thin oval with three stones and epaulet side stones.

Nicole Wegman, founder, and CEO of Ring Concierge said, We worked with Christian to painstakingly design a ring that reflected Olivia’s trendsetting style while still staying timeless – a brilliantly cut Oval flanked by Epaulette side stones in a handcrafted gold and platinum setting.

Olivia Culpo D@ting McCaffrey

When McCaffrey liked a photo that Culpo posted on Instagram in May 2019, romance rumors about the two started to circulate. The two were pictured traveling to Mexico together a short while later. After her prior failed relationships, Culpo, 30, said to Entertainment Tonight in November that she was willing to break her rule against dating athletes again since McCaffrey was unique.

She praised McCaffrey, 26, saying, “He’s just the best; I feel like he is really everything that I could ever want for.” “I never have to worry about anything as a result. I believe it was the reason—no offense—why I didn’t want to date an athlete because there is a reputation associated with them.”

Culpo went on, “He simply hails from a wonderful family. We share a lot of things in common with that. I believe that a person’s parents truly reveal a lot about their character, which is why I adore his parents so much. They get along quite well.”

In an Instagram post honoring their third anniversary, Culpo said that the two initially connected when they were set up by friends. Even though she wasn’t sure if she was ready to date, she made the decision to do it anyway. Take a look below:


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She said in her letter, “I’m so grateful for the voice inside me that told me to give love another try. “You are the embodiment of strength through humility, the yin to my yang. Thank you for standing with me and helping me rekindle my love for people. You are even better than I could have ever imagined.

The friendship between Culpo and McCaffrey is strong, despite the fact that they must be apart during the football season. You have to be glad for the difficult crap because, she added, “I think every single relationship teaches you so much about yourself. I definitely have respect for my relationship today that I would never have because of all of my former experiences.

Despite the distance they have to contend with as he travels, Culpo has supported McCaffrey since he was moved from the Carolina Panthers to the 49ers last year. The former Miss Universe praised her beau on Instagram after learning that He will be relocating to the West Coast. You should consider this news about Kim Kardashian Divorce Settlement.

She wrote in October, “This city stole my heart and I’ll never forget the memories and people who made the last three or more years so unforgettable. “You all will always have a special place in my heart and I will miss you all terribly. You have made me very proud, Christian! One of my favorite things in life is watching people’s lights shine, so I’m incredibly happy and grateful for this new chapter in California, where I’ve lived for the past eight years.

Olivia Culpo And Christian Mccaffrey

In the video’s comments section, McCaffrey refers to peopled to Culpo as the “best partner in crime,” and she playfully continued by mentioning the “LAX to CLT flight attendants on American Airlines” who assisted her in overcoming a brief separation from her partner. “I appreciate the strong downpours and I love you. We had a fantastic run, but I won’t be seeing you as frequently “Culpo penned.

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