Who Is Oliver Tress? How Did He Meet Gina Coladangelo?

Oliver Tress: In May 1967, Oliver Tress was born in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. He received his education at Marlborough College in Wiltshire before enrolling at Durham University to earn a degree in anthropology.

Gina Coladangelo, presently the marketing and communications director for Oliver Bonas and previously a director and significant stakeholder for the PR and lobbying firm Luther Pendragon, is his wife.

She serves as Matt Hancock’s mistress and assistant at the Department of Health and Social Care, where she also serves as a non-executive director. From 1995 to 1998, Coladangelo and Hancock attended the University of Oxford to study philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE), collaborating on the campus radio station.

After Hancock announced his departure from the administration in June 2021, it was revealed that he had left his wife Martha for Colangelo. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Oliver Tress.

Who Is Oliver Tress?

Oliver James vs. Oliver Tress, The founder, and CEO of the UK retail brand Oliver Bonas, Mark Tress, was born in Britain in May 1967. After attending Marlborough College and Durham University for his education, Oliver Tress launched the first Oliver Bonas store in London in 1993. More than 85 Oliver Bonas outlets will be in the UK by 2021.

He is married to Gina Coladangelo, a former non-executive director at the Department of Health and Social Care and the marketing and communications director at Oliver Bonas. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Oliver Tress.

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What Is The Family Of Oliver Tress?

The appealing man Gina Coladangelo, an adviser, paid for by tax dollars, a shareholder in Oliver Bonas, and a non-executive director of the Division of Well-being and Social Care, is the spouse of Oliver.

The media is not aware of when or where they got married. The couple’s three children are Talia Tress, Bruno Tress, and Layla Tress. In their London residence, they also have a live-in nanny. The wife of Oliver Tress is Gina Colangelo. Oliver used to pursue Anna Bonas. In 2004, Gina wed Glynn Gibb, a property attorney in London.

With his wife and kids, Tress resides in an expensive five-bedroom boring home in Wandsworth, South West London. Their home is estimated to be worth $4 million.

However, their entire family moved to a bigger house with a backyard in September 2015. Oliver Tress and Gina Coladangelo have three children: Talia, Bruno, and Layla.

Who Is Oliver Tress?
Who Is Oliver Tress?

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How Did Oliver Tress Start His Career?

In 1993, Tress founded the first Oliver Bonas shop on London’s Fulham Road, operating out of his parent’s house in Hong Kong and selling jewelry and handbags. His then-girlfriend Anna, a Bonas (relative of Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend), had that last name.

He was hospitalized with head injuries after being “badly battered by looters” outside an Oliver Bonas store on Clapham’s Northcote Road during the 2011 London riots. In 2019, HSBC provided Tress with a £15 million revolving credit line, enabling Oliver Bonas to add eight more outlets.

There are now roughly 85 Oliver Bonas stores in the UK. Even though his company has seen its unique set of challenges, it is still doing well because it is worth millions of dollars.

How Did He Meet Gina Coladangelo?

It is unknown how Coladangelo and Hancock first connected while both were PPE students at Oxford University. In addition to her employment at the Department of Health and Social Care, Coladangelo has spent recent years serving as the marketing and communications director for her husband’s business. She and Tress got married in 2009.

Oliver Bonas’ official Twitter account has featured pictures of the former couple’s three children over the years. In 2015, the family relocated from their Clapham Junction home to a five-bedroom, £4 million Edwardian mansion in Wandsworth, where they hired a live-in nanny.

A Times reporter who visited in 2014 said, “On the walls are colorful chevron patterned frames and prints of quotation art; a retro wooden cabinet with painted drawers sits in the corner of the kitchen with a fish tank boiling above.”

“In the living area, a brass-topped coffee table with yellow legs that will soon be available in stores stands next to a black and white tub chair.”

What Position Did Gina Colangelo Hold In Her Husband Oliver’s Company?

Who Is Oliver Tress?
Who Is Oliver Tress?

At the fashion and lifestyle company established by her husband, Oliver Tress, she serves as the director of communications. At the lobbying business Luther Pendragon, which promises clients a “deep understanding of the mechanics of government,” she serves as a director and a significant shareholder.

In March of last year, Matt Hancock covertly hired Coladangelo as an unpaid adviser on a six-month contract for the Department of Health and Social Care.

In November, when it also became known that she had accompanied Hancock to private meetings with government officials and visited No. 10, it gave rise to accusations of a “theocracy.”

Hancock hired Coladangelo as a non-executive director at DHSC in September, making her a part of the board that oversees the division. There was no public record of the appointment, which was supposed to net her at least £15,000 in tax dollars with the possibility of an additional $5,000.

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