What Is The Number One Noob Game In India?

With the explosion of new users across all game genres in 2020, it is clear that the mobile gaming industry enjoyed a successful year. Many gamers of mobile games acknowledge that it is a very competitive industry where everyone puts in their best effort to emerge victorious.

Here are some choices for the top newbie games in India; however, if you’re not interested in competing against other people or participating in noob vs pro combat.

What Is A Noob Game?

In a multiplayer gaming environment, “noob” refers to inexperienced players. Regardless of the player controlling the character’s skill level, a low-level character may also be referred to as a rookie. Other names for noob include newb and n00b. Simply said, “Noob Game” may refer to a game that even novice players may easily pick up and play.

Free Fire – No. 1 Noob Game In India

Free Fire, a battle royale game, deserves the title of the top competition for new players worldwide, not just in India. To complete the game, you must engage in a 15-minute war for survival with 49 other players. Free Fire is more engaging and exciting than PUBG Mobile, in contrast.

Unique features in Free Fire

Free Fire also offers a lot of other distinctive elements, like character systems. A strong narrative and a wide range of play styles. If you’re a beginner, start in training mode to learn some fundamental manoeuvres so that you don’t crash into the ground and perish. Once you’re comfortable with the game, you can test the classic mode before moving on to the rush hour and ranked methods for new experiences.

Additionally, you can design your combat by building a unique space and inviting friends to participate. Thanks to the several modes, you can play the game in whatever way you like. Free Fire entertains the gamer and its user with several in-game events, luck royale, and elite passes. Participants can win numerously valued and exclusive prizes by participating in these activities. This is another factor in the persistence of many newbie players in the game.

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A popular noob game worldwide

Free Fire has received over 50 billion downloads and over 30 billion active users globally. More than 7 crore reviews and a rating of 4.45 out of 5 stars have been left for the game, which is free to download from the official app stores.

Free Fire is less harsh and intense than PUBG Mobile while being a competitive game. In addition, a game only lasts 15 minutes rather than 30, making it simpler to relax and take action. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about encountering hackers in the game because Garena has a strict policy against cheating players. Free Fire deserves to be the top beginner game in India, and all players should give it a shot for the reasons stated above.

Other noob games in India

What Is The Number One Noob Game In India?
What Is The Number One Noob Game In India?

Indian customers have a wide variety of additional choices when it comes to beginner games in addition to Free Fire. See some recommendations for the top novice games in India below:

1. Temple Run

While shooting games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are available online, Temple Run remains the most well-known beginner game for Android users. In reality, the game’s simple premise draws in various players, from kids to adults. However, it is also a challenging game to raise your heart rate. The game necessitates much reactivity and flexibility due to the three chasing gorillas and numerous plot twists.

After being available for almost ten years, the number of downloads for Temple Run had surpassed 1 billion (100 crores). The user rating for the game is 4.25 out of 5.

2. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is considered one of the world’s finest beginner games, with over 75 crore downloads. Jetpack Joyride is a classic side-scrolling runner like many others, although it lacks a conclusion, which attracts many players who want to beat their own and other people’s records.

3. Subway Surfer

What Is The Number One Noob Game In India?
What Is The Number One Noob Game In India?

Subway Surfer has dominated the market for the most downloaded mobile games over the past ten years, with over 2,7B downloads. You must move your characters along the subway while attempting to collect as many coins as possible and avoiding obstacles to win the game. Even though the game is more adaptable to play when lying on the bed, it contains similar products to Temple Run.

Other popular games for amateur players are Doodle Jump, Sonic Forces, and Beach Buggy Racing 2. In addition to the titles mentioned above, novice gamers can also check out these games.

You now know everything there is to know about Free Fire, which is the most-played game for new players in India. You can have an excellent way to relax during downtime by playing any of these intense yet enjoyable games.

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