North Korea Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals Announce 2023!

North Korea Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals: As regional tensions remain high, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un outlined new military objectives for his country.

Kim stated that “strengthening self-defensive capabilities” will be an aim for the new year while speaking at a Workers’ Party gathering in North Korea. No details were provided.

Kim’s remarks, released in state media on Wednesday, come as tensions on the Korean peninsula are escalating due to calls from South Korea and Japan for a more substantial military presence in response to North Korea’s recent unprecedented number of missile tests.

At the party’s eighth central committee’s sixth enlarged plenary meeting, Kim stated that the country’s continued “anti-enemy battle” had “newly created tough scenario” for the globally isolated country.

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Analysts interpret this language as North Korea’s effort to challenge Japan’s intentions to raise its defense spending, which it has compared to that country’s build-up to its aggressive actions before World War II.

North Korea Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals
North Korea Kim Jong Un Unveils New Military Goals

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In response to Tokyo’s current military plans, a spokesman for the North Korean foreign minister recently said: “Japan’s foolish attempt to satiate its black-hearted greed – the building up of its military invasion capability under the pretext of a legitimate exercise of self-defense rights – cannot be justified and tolerated.”

Days after North Korea launched two ballistic missiles over international waters this month; he made his remarks. Both were located between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

The relationship between North Korea and South Korea is still quite tense. Earlier this week, North Korean drones entered South Korean airspace for the first time in five years. Despite mobilizing its air force, South Korea could not shoot the drones down after they vanished from radar.

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