What Is NLE Choppa Age? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Rapper NLE Choppa, formerly known as YNR Choppa and born Bryson Lashun Potts on November 1, 2002, is from Memphis, Tennessee. His 2019 single “Shotta Flow,” which was platinum by the RIAA and reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, launched him to popularity. Cottonwood, his debut EP, was also released in 2019.

On August 7, 2020, NLE Choppa released his debut studio album Top Shotta. Its singles “Camelot” and “Walk Em Down” (with Roddy Ricch), both of which reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaked in the top ten of the US Billboard 200. On November 1 of that year, NLE Choppa’s second mixtape, From Dark to Light, was available. Me vs Me, his second mixtape for sale, was made available on January 28, 2022.

When Was NLE Choppa Born?

NLE Choppa, whose actual name is Bryson Lashun Potts, was born to his mother, Angele Potts, on November 1, 2002. He has developed into a remarkable member of this generation at an early age thanks to the assistance of his mother, NLE Choppa. His mother manages him, taking care of everything a manager should do for a rapper.

In Rancho Cordova, California, NLE Choppa attended Cordova High School. Basketball was Choppa’s main pastime while he was in school. Choppa started freestyling with his buddies when he was 14 years old.

At 15, he came to terms with who he was and recognized his singing ability. Choppa received a bad break and spent some time in the juvenile correctional facility. He insists that it was an eye-opener and that it did him good.

How Did NLE Choppa Start His Career?

When NLE Choppa was 14, he began rapping freestyle and working with his buddies. No Love Anthem, his first single, was released in February 2018. The same year, Choppa also released his debut mixtape, No Love the Takeover. NLE Choppa is a rapper who has also become well-known online for his dance skills. The most effective song he wrote as a cypher, No Chorus pt 3, helped him become famous for his dance routines.

On the other hand, Choppa manages a YouTube channel with the same name. With more than 2.46 million subscribers, his channel has been widespread. He was having joined on January 27, 2018. The audience for Choppa, however, numbers in the millions. Because of the well-known songs he uploaded, he has over 100 million viewers.

Shotta Flow and Shotta Flow 2 are examples of this. The latter was a big success because it peaked at 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. The RIAA also awarded the song Platinum certification. In addition, Choppa collaborated with Waner Records to create the song “Free Youg Boy.” CashMoneyAP is the single’s producer.

In 2020, his debut album was scheduled for release. The lead track on the album is the March 2020 single Walk Em Down featuring Roddy Ricch. His lively vocals and fervent rapping have been credited with NLE Choppa’s music industry breakthrough.

Who Are NLE Choppa Parents?

What Is NLE Choppa Age?
What Is NLE Choppa Age?

American singer, songwriter, and rapper Nle Choppa, named Bryson Lashun Potts, is a well-known and admirable figure. He is a 19-year-old budding rapper who is endearing, attractive, enthusiastic, and famous.

Angela Potts is the name of Hoppe’s mother. Since he was a little child, she has been managing and nurturing him. The identity of Nle Choppa’s father is still known, nevertheless. His father might be a police officer, according to rumours. Nle Choppa is currently single and has never been married. He previously dated Mariah J. She is a lovely woman, age 21.

She is an Instagram model who amassed a large following thanks to her gorgeous and eye-catching images. They had a cute kid named Clover Brylie Potts, who had just turned one, and they had a legal partnership. At Cordova High School, Nile Choppa finished his high school education. Basketball used to be his favourite sport.

Additionally, Nle Choppa began intensively studying music at the age of 15. He is biracial and an American by nationality. Capricorn is his horoscope sign.

What Is NLE Choppa Age?

NLE Choppa, born on November 1, 2002, will turn 20 in 2022. He stands 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall and weighs 75 kg.

What Is NLE Choppa Net Worth?

Because NLE Choppa is the essential vocalist of numerous well-known songs, their performances are recognized and adored in the United States and worldwide. Therefore, it is projected that singers will make more money than average singers and songwriters. NLE Choppa’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $3 million due to his involvement in numerous music videos.

He still keeps his actual financial reports secret from public view despite this. One of the singers you should pay attention to is NLE Choppa. Although NLE Choppa has avoided social media, his talent for singing keeps audiences riveted to their seats whenever he sings. He is good at what he does.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

NLE Choppa has a child even though he is too young to get married. He and Mariah previously dated, and Clover Brylie Potts is the child of that union. In June 2020, their daughter was born. They were already divorced when their daughter was born. According to reports, Choppa wanted a son and allegedly urged his former partner Mariah to abort the child.

Mariah revealed the details of the breakup on social media. She said that Choppa had once fired a close-range Draco shot at her but missed. To show their love for one another, both couples got tattoos. He previously admitted in an interview that he had dated a woman who was 46 years old. Only 16 years old at the time.

Choppa is currently seeing a new woman by the name of Yung Blasian. Her appearance on Choppa’s Instagram lives sparked allegations that they were having an affair. As the founder and CEO of the eyelash company “Winks By Blasian,” Blasian is both a social media influencer and a successful businesswoman. Choppa acknowledged that he experienced depression. In his songs, he frequently raps about his battle with depression. Choppa practices meditation to combat his depression. Choppa is active on social media, but in 2020, Instagram banned him.

According to NLE Choppa, he spent time in a juvenile correctional facility. He has never disclosed the reason for his arrest or the period he was imprisoned. He has only acknowledged that his time in jail served as an awakening that inspired him to change his ways. On March 29, 2021, Choppa was taken into custody on burglary, drug, and weapon-related allegations.

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