Nikita Dragun Arrested in Miami for a Naked Pool Incident and for Throwing a Water Bottle at a Cop

Nikita Dragun Arrested: After spraying a police officer with water, social media influencer Nikita Dragun left Miami’s opulent The Goodtime Hotel on Monday while being restrained.

Dragun, 26, spent the previous week residing in Miami. According to the police report, a hotel guest was acting disorderly and causing a disturbance on Monday when police were called to The Goodtime Hotel.

The social media star, whose real name is Nikita Nguyen, is said to have played loud music from her room and wandered around the hotel’s pool area while nude.

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Dragun was confronted by hotel security, who threatened to ask her to leave if she kept up the ruckus. She reportedly responded by slamming her hotel door in their faces, as well as the faces of the escorting police officers. Do you want more? She inquired as she flung open her door again.


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Dragun allegedly tossed an open water bottle at a security guard and police officers, according to the police report. She was charged with the criminal assault of an officer when water spilled on a guard and one of the cops.

Dragun was also charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct when he was lodged in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in addition to the felony assault charge. According to her inmate profile at the detention facility, the authorities set her bond at $2,000.

The DJ and producer team, Black V Neck from Miami, fought with Dragun over the weekend at the nightclub LIV. In an interview with NBC News, the two claimed that she shoved one of them after they told her not to steal their booze bottle.

Dragun tweeted about the incident hours before she was detained, alleging that she saw one of the performers push a woman at the event; Black V Neck has refuted this.

In one of her tweets, Dragun stated, “This dude PUSHED the fiancé of the VP of Warner and Atlantic. Who I am now in talks with to invest #BendMeOver.”

“Finish line. I witness a man touching a female. Call the police, please, should you forget. In another tweet, she continued, “I know I appear to be a doll on the outside, but I still hit like a dude.

Dragun, who has more than 3.54 million YouTube subscribers and more than 9 million Instagram followers, is well-known for her gender transition, beauty, and fashion material.