News About Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian Kanye’s Trying To Deflect From His Hitler Praise … Didn’t Cheat With Chris Paul

News About Kim Kardashian:  According to insiders with direct information, Kanye West is doing everything in his power to divert attention from his praise of Hitler, including making up stories about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and having an affair with NBA star Chris Paul.

The disgraced rapper made a bizarre allegation that he “caught” Kim Kardashian cheating with NBA player Chris Paul before being banned from Twitter on Thursday night for posting a swastika.

According to a source familiar with the case, the charge is categorically false and is just another instance of a desperate man attempting to divert attention from his wrongdoings. Likewise, now we can see people searching for News About Kim Kardashian.

According to the insider, “This is not accurate, and sadly, it’s a continuing trend with Kanye – attacking Kim to deflect everyone’s attention after a day of insane activities when he has said every vile and disgusting thing he can imagine of.”

He has a history of falsely accusing her of having relationships with others, including Meek Mill, Drake, and countless others. For years, Kanye has used Kim to slut-shame and humiliate, diverting attention from his terrible actions, affairs, and fixation with pornography. She requests privacy so that she can concentrate on the welfare of their children.

 News About Kim Kardashian
News About Kim Kardashian

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On Thursday, Kanye was spewing venom on Alex Jones’ “Infowars,” saying he adored Hitler, casting doubt on the Holocaust, and praising the Nazis. Jones, a divisive personality in his own right, made many attempts to sway Kanye, but the rapper merely strengthened his position.

Of course, Kim and Kanye’s nearly two-year divorce was eventually resolved earlier this week when he agreed to pay her $200k per month in child support, and they would have “equal access” to their children. Chris Paul hasn’t responded to the accusations yet, but he’s been wed to his wife Jada since 2011; they have two kids.

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