News about Jenna Bush, King Charles Hager Reveals She Went Commando During Recent Dinner

News about Jenna Bush, King Charles:  The Today with Hoda and Jenna anchor also revealed to Andy Cohen on Tuesday’s episode of What Happens Life that her “parents were not delighted” with the fact that everyone knows she doesn’t wear panties.
Jenna Bush Hager is intensifying her efforts to join the commandos.

On Tuesday night, the anchor of Today with Hoda and Jenna revealed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Life how her family reacted to the recent discovery that she doesn’t wear panties. She was joined on the show by cohost Hoda Kotb. Likewise, now we can see people searching for news about Jenna Bush, King Charles.

When asked by a fan how her parents reacted to the news, Bush Hager, 41, responded with a giggle, “I’m sure my parents were not delighted.” But she was eager to point out that since she is a “woman,” she would never have revealed that information; Kotb did it all.

After reminding everyone that Kotb was actually the one to share, Bush Hager said on the show, “People assume I shared that with the globe.

But I say she doesn’t have any panty lines or any other things you need to be concerned about. The 58-year-old Kotb weighed in to defend her decision to display Bush Hager’s unclean clothes live on the broadcast.

The audience of their show was informed by Kotb earlier this month that her cohost “never wears underwear.” She continued; I was slightly startled because Jenna and I knew so much about each other. After the two shared a dressing room before going on with life, Kotb learned of this information, which gave her “a little shock.”

Bush Hager admitted that she was a little taken aback by the callout and reminded Kotb that she “promised” her that she wouldn’t spread the word, thinking her “mom has never been more proud.”

News about Jenna Bush, King Charles
News about Jenna Bush, King Charles

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She nevertheless justified her lack of undergarments, adding, “It creates a prettier silhouette, in my opinion. You don’t need to carry as much, in my opinion. There are many advantages to it!”

The show’s wardrobe manager added that not having to deal with underwear “makes things a lot easier.” Bush Hager doesn’t appear bothered by that. “When [Hoda] asked me if I washed my clothes, I replied, “Yes, I do.”

However, it’s not as if I’m lending you my jeans. And I want to borrow your red suit, she added, “Although I do occasionally steal Savannah [Guthrieclothes. ]’s Can I?”

Kotb replied, “Yes, you can, at any time. Bush Hager made a joke about wearing underwear. The former first daughter used her meeting with King Charles. Prince Charles, the evening before Queen Elizabeth II passed away as further evidence, told Cohen’s WWHL audience that she was not even wearing panties at the time.

She visited with the royal family in Scotland for supper and claimed that she was there to interview Queen Consort Camilla. And Bush Hager merely nodded in the negative when Cohen inquired if she wore “undies.” “It was a stunning, fitted garment. It would have said, “She argued for her decision by saying.

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