Natalia Bryant Biography, Career, Personal Life, And Why Did She Give It Up?

Young American volleyball player and model Natalia Diamante Bryant. She is known for being the great basketball player Kobe Bryant’s daughter. Kobe Bryant and his 11-year-old daughter Gianna perished in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on January 26, 2020.

At the crash site, a temporary bronze statue depicting Kobe Bryant sporting a Los Angeles Lakers uniform and his daughter holding a basketball in her hand was built two years after the father’s and sister’s deaths.

Natalia Bryant was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 19, 2003. Kobe Bryant is her father, and Vanessa Bryant is her mother. The oldest of his sisters, she was. Gianna, Bianka, and Kapri are the names of her three additional younger sisters. For further details, keep reading.

Natalia Bryant’s Net Worth Of $6 Million?

As the firstborn child of Kobe Bryant, who was worth $600 million at the time of his passing, Natalia has inherited a very sizable net worth. Kobe gained close to $350 million in endorsement payments and a salary of about $328 million. His total investment before taxes was $200 million after he paid $6 million for a 10% stake in the sports drink body armor.

Natalia’s actual net worth is unknown. However, a $6 million estimate of her wealth seems reasonable. This is based on the 10% of Kobe Bryant’s estate that was put aside before his passing.

Natalia Bryant Early life & Education

Natalia Bryant Biography, Career, Personal Life, And Why Did She Give It Up?

Natalia Bryant was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 19, 2003. She’s a 19-year-old woman. Her mother is Vanessa Bryant, and she is Kobe Bryant’s daughter. She is from a sports-only family.

Her mother was also a basketball player, while her father was an illustrious NBL player. She also works in another profession. She formerly worked as a model. Giana Maria, one of her sisters, also perished with her parents.

It is thought that she had a bad day on January 26, 2020. On that day, a helicopter crash tragedy claimed the lives of her family, including her sister Giana, parents Kobe Bryant and Vanessa, and seven additional persons.

Natalia Bryant Professional Career

A genuinely outstanding volleyball player, Natalia Bryant. Anyone who witnessed her play gave her the nickname Kobe Bryant Junior. She initially participated in the school squad and helped her school to several victories. Later, she visited the Mamba Sports Academy run by her father.

Later, she stopped participating in all sports. Some claim that she has been the target of harassment, although they are unsure of the actual circumstances behind this incident.

She is currently employed by IMG Models as a professional model. IMG Models made her an offer while she was still in school, and when she had time to think about it, she accepted. She bid her sporting career farewell.

Natalia Bryant Biography, Career, Personal Life, And Why Did She Give It Up?

Natalia Bryant Personal Life

On January 26, 2020, at 9:06 a.m. PST, Kobe Bryant, the father of Natalia Diamante Bryant, and Gianna, Gianna’s younger sister, perished in a helicopter crash close to Calabasas, California. Nine people were on board, including her father, the pilot, six family friends, and Gianna.

Natalia’s sister started playing basketball because her father, Kobe, encouraged and guided her until their tragic deaths.

Despite their widespread fame, the Bryant family upholds a strict code of secrecy. Consequently, there is no information available about Natalia’s love life. Given that there are no pictures or details about her on any social media platform, she might as well have been single at the time.

Why She Loves Volleyball And How She Started Playing It.

Natalia Bryant Biography, Career, Personal Life, And Why Did She Give It Up?

Bryant explains that she prefers volleyball to basketball in a cover article for Teen Vogue. She says that at the young age of nine when her mother took her to see Misty May Treanor compete at the 2012 London Olympics, she fell in love with basketball.

She continues by saying that she wasn’t incredibly confident about her height. However, she concluded it was the sport for her after seeing the particularly tall ladies succeed on the court. After this incident, she started playing club volleyball to play Division 1 when she went to college.

When the University of Southern California played The University of Oregon, she brought her father to the courtside to show him how much she loved the game. Bryant makes an excellent middle blocker for a volleyball team because of her height. She stands out as the tallest in most of the groups she has played in, which makes her an essential player in both defense and offense.

Why She Chose Volleyball Over Basketball

In her Teen Vogue article, Bryant explained why she preferred volleyball to basketball. When she was nine years old, she and her mother saw Misty May Treanor compete in the 2012 London Olympics, when she fell in love with volleyball.

She continued by saying that she had never been comfortable with her height. But when she observed exceptionally tall ladies succeeding on the court, she felt the sport was for her.

She then applied to play club volleyball to become a Division 1 professional athlete. She was never short on showing her father how much she enjoyed the activity.

She recalled dragging her father along to see intercollegiate volleyball matches. She always stood out on most of the teams she played on due to her height. She continued by saying that while basketball involves running, which she detested, her love for the game grew even more.

Why Did She Give It Up?

Natalia Bryant Biography, Career, Personal Life, And Why Did She Give It Up?

Losing a loved one is in no way simple. Life has a way of bringing suffering at unexpected times. When little Bryant lost her parents in a helicopter disaster in early 2020, she had twice as much to deal with. The Bryant family was plunged into a time of shock along with the rest of the globe.

Which part is most painful? The NBA player was traveling with his little daughter to a basketball competition. Most of the interviews she gave after the incident showed her attempting to hide the suffering of the Bryant family. She eventually admitted what happened had left her very wounded and damaged.

She thought about how much basketball meant to her dad and sister, which made her uneasy. She focused on acting and modeling in college rather than playing volleyball.

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