Naomi Osaka Is She Married? Is She Pregnant In 2023?

Naomi Osaka Is She Married: Naomi Osaka, a professional tennis player, and her partner Cordae are expecting a child! Osaka announced that she and her rapper beau are expecting their first child together on January 10, 2023.

The tennis player announced the news on Instagram and included a carousel of pictures, one of which was an ultrasound screen. She captioned the photo, “Can’t wait to get back on the court, but here’s a little life update for 2023.”

Osaka is one of the most well-known figures in sports, but the mental health advocate has been candid about the fact that she needs the support of her friends and family to perform at her best, especially her boyfriend.

She praised the Grammy-nominated rapper on Instagram, writing, “You’re a star and a light.” Despite claiming that tennis is “not my sport,” Cordae frequently supports Osaka in the crowd. Even in 2021, the couple went to the Met Gala together. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Naomi Osaka Is She Married.

How Did Naomi Osaka And Cordae Meet?

In earlier interviews, Cordae stated that he and Osaka first connected at a Los Angeles Clippers game sometime in 2018 or 2019. He claimed that his understanding of tennis at the time was limited to the Williams sisters, but little did he know that he had just crossed paths with tennis aristocracy on a global scale!

Despite not knowing much about tennis, the two clicked right away. TMZ Sports first mentioned the couple’s relationship in April 2019. However, it wasn’t yet “formal.”

A little while later, Osaka shared a video of Cordae on her Story to make their relationship on the Instagram official. They made their entire public debut in December 2019 by going to another Clippers game together.

When all was revealed, Cordae told GQ in 2021, “Before anyone knew about us, we had been dating for over a year. As a result, we tend to be very private. We don’t share private moments because I think they should be holy. A relationship is a precious thing. It loses its sanctity once you expose it to extraneous forces.”

These days, the couple is routinely observed out and about. In September 2021, the two even went to the Met Gala together, where Cordae supported Osaka by serving as one of the event’s hosts.

Naomi Osaka Is She Married?
Naomi Osaka Is She Married?

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Who Is Naomi Osaka Boyfriend Cordae?

Rapper Cordae, who is Grammy-nominated, has worked with Young Thug and H.E.R. Osaka commended him on Instagram after the release of his sophomore album Bird’s Eye View, writing, “Getting closer to someone and seeing how much love and attention they put into their job is extremely motivating.”


In October 2022, Cordae finished its European tour and posted pictures and videos to Instagram to celebrate. The carousel post featured concert footage and an image of his airplane seat.

“I’ve finished my first-ever headlining tour of Europe! Adore you all more than you can imagine. I can’t wait to return a thousand times. OTW, new music. “In the caption, he wrote.

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Is Naomi Osaka Pregnant In 2023?

Yes, you read it correctly, and I am crying now. The tennis pro posted an Instagram carousel with exciting news, a message in English and Japanese, and an ultrasound picture. The caption said, “Can’t wait to get back on the court, but here’s a little life update for 2023.”

In the letter, Naomi discusses how she feels about this period and discusses tennis and her unborn child. “To put it mildly, the last few years have been fascinating, but I believe the most challenging moments in life may also be the most enjoyable. These few months apart from the sport have made me love and appreciate it more than ever before, “She composed.

She said elsewhere in the heartwarming reflection, “I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future; one thing I’m looking forward to is for my baby to watch one of my matches and tell someone, ‘that’s my mom,’ hehe. I shouldn’t be this emotional on a Wednesday afternoon, but here we are!

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