How To Register MTN Me2U Code, Reset PIN, And Transfer?

Most of our readers, we think, have thought of this before. And it is this information about MTN that we will share with our readers in our Me2U guide. This is a quick tutorial on using MTN’s Me2U to sign up and send airtime to your loved ones whenever and wherever you like.

Everyone will benefit from this tutorial, including those who have heard of the MTN Me2U service but are unsure how to use it or have questions about it.

Additionally, some are entirely ignorant of it. Every person will benefit from this manual, starting from scratch. We’ll begin by responding to some MTN users’ often-asked queries regarding the Me2U service.

 What Is MTN Me2U?

Customers can share their airtime with friends, family, and other loved ones with MTN Me2U. There is a 0.10p charge for each transfer. Keep in mind that you must first sign up for the Me2U service before you can participate. (Scroll down to read the registration instructions.)

How To Register MTN Me2U Code?

You must go through this process to sign up for the MTN Me2U service. Keep in mind that you must register to utilize the Me2U service. To register, follow the steps below.

  • 1. Dial *198#
  • 2. Choose Option 1. (Activate)
  • 3. Type in your chosen four-digit pin. (This is comparable to the pin you enter to send or withdraw funds from your Momo account. Additionally, you can set a four-digit pin here that you will use each time you want to send your friends and family airtime.)
  • 4. Enter your four-digit pin again.
  • 5. A pop-up notice stating that MTN Me2U has been successfully activated will appear on your mobile device.

You can successfully activate or register for the MTN Me2U service if you follow the instructions above.

How To Transfer Airtime Or Credit From MTN To MTN Using MTN Me2U?

How To Register MTN Me2U Code, Reset PIN, And Transfer?
How To Register MTN Me2U Code, Reset PIN, And Transfer?

To send or transfer MTN credit or airtime to another MTN number, follow the below steps. Remember that before completing the steps below, you must first activate or register for the MTN Me2U service.

  • 1. Dial *198#
  • 2. Decide on Option 2. (Transfer)
  • 3. Enter the Receiver MSISDN When You See It (means receiver Phone Number)
  • 4. Type in the sum you want to transfer.
  • 5. Enter Decimal Value – No dot is required here (.). Simply provide the value, for example, if you are sending 1cedi. If you don’t, an error warning will appear, and you won’t be able to finish your transfer.
  • 6. Type in the MTN Me2U Pin.
  • 7. Verify that the transfer was successful by checking.
  • 8. You will be notified if your transfer is successful, just like with all other services.

#NB: Remember that every complete transfer you make will incur a 0.1p fee.

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How To Change MTN Me2U Pin?

If you want to change your pin to a new one, you need to follow this process.

  • 1. Dial *198#
  • 2. Decide on Option 3. (Change Pin)
  • 3. Type Your Previous Pin
  • 4. Type in Your New Favorite 4-Digit Pin.
  • 5. Type Your New 4 Digit Pin Again
  • 6. Verify and your Pin will be successfully reset.

Following these steps, you can modify your MTN Me2U four (4) digits whenever possible. Remember that you may update your PIN whenever you wish to, just like the MTN Momo. This will prevent the transfer of your airtime or credit without your knowledge.

Additionally, it will be challenging to transfer airtime or credit after you forget your Me2U pin. If you run into issues like that, you’ll need to get in touch with MTN customer support for assistance resetting it. You will need to treat this problem like how MTN Momo is handled.

The information above covers all there is to know about the MTN Ghana Me2U service. This service will let you send your loved ones 0.1p worth of airtime or credit.

Every aspect of this service is covered in this tutorial, including frequently asked questions, how to register for Me2U, how to transfer airtime using Me2U from one MTN network to another, and how to modify your Me2U code.

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