Movies Like The Social Network: What Should I Watch If I liked The Social Network in 2022?

A movie like the Social Network generally takes several decades to realize its significance since it takes a long time for a film to establish itself as a cinematic classic. Few movies from the twenty-first century are therefore already regarded as masterpieces that viewers will want to see again in the future.

How amazing is it that Mark Zuckerberg’s biography was done in a negative light at a time when he was hailed as one of history’s greatest innovators? If it were anybody else, “The Social Network” would have been a joyful examination of Zuckerberg’s formative years, rejoicing in the moments of brilliance that inspired him to create Facebook.

The Social Network isn’t a smear campaign. Still, it’s damning enough that it seems oddly prescient as we learn more about Facebook’s dishonest practices that made it a key distributor of political misinformation. However, director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin cast a much more critical eye on the social media founder.

Movies Like The Social Network
Movies Like The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg portrays Mark Zuckerberg as an intelligent computer engineer who also suffers from an inferiority problem. He is not only perfectly prepared to trample over anyone who stands in his way, but he hardly even seems aware that his actions can annoy others. Alongside Eisenberg is the great Andrew Garfield, who plays Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder of Facebook whose relationship with Mark Zuckerberg during their time in college turns into open hostility as Facebook grows into a dominant social media platform.

The movie “The Social Network” is crucial because it perfectly expresses the atmosphere and concerns of the day. If you like “The Social Network,” you should watch these other fantastic movies.

Best Similar Movies Like The Social Network

Based on their concept, storyline execution, and themes, the following movies have produced a comparable experience. In light of the above, we provide our list of suggested films similar to The Social Network. You can watch several of these films on Netflix, Reddit, or Amazon Prime, including The Social Network.

1. Steve Jobs

Given that it also stars the same writer, Aaron Sorkin, it seems sensible that this movie would be included. The Danny Boyle-directed movie, in which Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs, also consists of an original plot line.

The film takes us inside three of their prior product launches—the 1984 Mackintosh launch, the 1988 debut of the Next computer, and the 1998 introduction of the iMac—rather than being a straightforward, by-the-books biography. The film masterfully conveys the inventive and businesslike thinking of the visionary leader via character interactions and conversation in Sorkin’s vein. The movie does the great guy credit by being a masterful character study.


2. The Big Short

The Adam McKay-directed movie explores the causes of the financial crisis that began in 2007–2008. In the film, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt play four individuals who all correctly foresaw the crisis and made a fortune by betting against the market.

The movie explains how the large banks were rife with corruption and greed and how their ignorance contributed to the world’s worst slump. It approaches the crisis satirically and often employs comical story elements to clarify financial system details. As it suggests that something similar may occur again, its humor also draws attention to the underlying warning message.

3. Moneyball

Aaron Sorkin is credited as the screenwriter for yet another installment. The movie stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics baseball club manager. With Peter Brand’s assistance (played by Jonah Hill), he assembles a roster of undervalued players utilizing a statistical method of talent selection. The simplicity of the movie is its greatness.

The film’s execution is relatively straightforward, unlike most Sorkin compositions. The movie, which is linear and chronological, describes the quantitative application of the sabermetric technique in baseball statistics. The film focuses on the Oakland Athletics’ 2002 season, the opposition to choosing such unassuming guys, and the ultimate success of the sabermetric strategy.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley

When talking about cerebral films, this made-for-television movie is sometimes forgotten. This portrayal of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates is perhaps the most realistic and captures their rivalry the best. The 26-year-long video covers both men’s professions from the beginning through 1997 (when Jobs returned to Apple after the company acquired Next).

The movie is a must-watch for any admirer of the two outstanding people who helped to form the face of the current computer industry. It is intelligent, hilarious, and cerebral above all else.

5. The Fifth Estates

They feature Julian Assange, the chief editor and creator of the news-leaking website WikiLeaks, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie centers on the founding of WikiLeaks by Assange and Daniel Berg -Daniel Bruhl and the pressure and criticism they encounter from various media outlets as they begin publishing secret information.

It focuses on the connection between Assange and Berg, which at first seems to be a perfect fit but eventually deteriorates when their ideas start to diverge. Although the movie was not well reviewed when it was first released, it is a compelling thriller worth watching.

These are some best five similar Movies, Like The Social Network.

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