Michael Giacchino To Make Directorial Debut With ‘Them!’ Remake At Warner Bros!

Michael Giacchino To Make Directorial Debut: A remake of the 1954 monster film Them! This is what Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (Up) will helm in his feature film debut.

Gordon Douglas directed the original WB film. It featured giant ants that had been exposed to radiation and were found in the desert of New Mexico before fast spreading to Los Angeles and posing a threat to the entire country.

To get to this point, Giacchino recently directed Marvel’s 53-minute particular Werewolf by Night, which debuted last October on Disney+. He is currently meeting with writers in the hopes of beginning production at some point in 2019. He wants to write the film’s score and work with his brother, Anthony Giacchino (Colette), a fellow Oscar-winning composer.

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Them! is getting a reboot, which was first reported by Deadline. Giacchino told the press that he has loved the original since he was a child and that the new film examines immigration through the lens of a monster movie.

“Michael Giacchino is a gifted individual. We’re thrilled to have him at the studio and to be working with him, said WB’s Jesse Ehrman to Deadline. Ehrman will direct Them! For the studio after apparently being completely blown away with Werewolf by Night.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Star Trek, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are just a few of the most well-known films Giacchino has scored. Last year, he provided the music for Pixar’s Lightyear, Thor: Love and Thunder, Jurassic World Dominion, and Batman.

Michael Giacchino To Make Directorial Debut
Michael Giacchino To Make Directorial Debut

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Although Werewolf by Night was only a sharp picture (less than an hour), Giacchino has undoubtedly learned a few things from the many excellent directors he has collaborated with. He also served as the director of the Monster Challenge short and a Star Trek: Short Treks episode for Paramount+.

Them! may be the ideal platform for him given that he can add his style to the material without alienating many followers. Best of luck to him and Warner Bros. on this project; it sounds fun, especially with the Monsterverse ending in March.

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