Louisiana Officer Charged In Fatal Crash That Killed 2 High School Cheerleaders!

Louisiana Officer Charged In Fatal Crash: On New Year’s Eve, while pursuing a suspect, a Louisiana police officer is accused of causing a car wreck that killed two high school cheerleaders. He has been charged with homicide.

According to a statement from 18th Judicial District Attorney Tony Clayton, Officer David Cauthron, 42, of the Addis Police Department is accused of running a red light during the pursuit and colliding with a car with three minor occupants “at a very high rate of speed.”

Cauthron was accused of committing two negligent homicides. Across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge, the accident happened, according to the district attorney’s office. According to the authorities, Equal Zanders, 24, was being sought by the officer after allegedly stealing his father’s car.

According to the district attorney’s office, the officer subsequently ran a red light on Louisiana Highway 1 and collided with the automobile carrying the three teenagers.

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According to officials, the crash claimed the lives of Brusly High School cheerleaders Maggie Dunn, 17, and Caroline Gill, 16. Liam Dunn, Maggie’s 20-year-old brother, was also in the vehicle and was listed in critical condition at a hospital in Lafayette, according to officials.

In a Facebook post, the girls’ cheering team asked friends and family to add pictures and memories of Maggie and Caroline. Please keep their families, friends, and the BHS community in your thoughts and prayers as we grieve the untimely losses of Maggie Dunn and Caroline Gill, according to a Facebook statement from the Brusly High School cheerleading team.

“Their zeal and radiant grins will be missed more than words can express.” Zanders crossed a bridge over the Mississippi River into West Baton Rouge following the collision. According to authorities, deputies from the West Baton Rouge Police Department chased and apprehended him after his car stalled.

Louisiana Officer Charged In Fatal Crash
Louisiana Officer Charged In Fatal Crash

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Zanders was accused of manslaughter on two counts. According to a statement from Clayton, his office will “perform a full investigation into the issue,” which will involve reviewing all video from officer and police unit dash cameras, talking to the officer, and speaking with witnesses. A grand jury will then be presented with the case.

Clayton stated, “I cannot understand why the cop was driving at such a high rate of speed through a red light. We will follow the facts of the case, though. “Police officers do not have the right to run a red light just because sirens or police cars are nearby.

When human life is in danger, they must slow down or stop altogether. Evidence in this instance indicates that the officer was gravely negligent and that if he had used common sense, the lives of these young individuals might still be alive today.” Clayton said, “Stop the blasted pursuit if it endangers human life.

The danger is not worth it. This dreadful incident has affected many families and the whole town and has taken the lives of young individuals with bright futures. It makes me sad.” Uncertainty surrounds Cauthron’s legal representation.

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