Who Is Louis Thornton-Allan? Who Is His Wife, Meadow Walker?

Louis Thornton-Allan: British actor Louis Thornton-Allan is a gifted performer. He works as a model, actor, and businessman. A new music video for Allan is in the works and will debut soon.

Although he claims on his Instagram page to reside in New York, he is actually from London. His share grid bio reads, “I live in New York City, but I’m originally from London. I am a musician, model, actor, and fashion designer.

Since Thornton keeps his personal life hidden, no one knows exactly when he was born. We could only determine by analyzing many profiles that he was born in 1996 or 1997. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Louis Thornton-Allan.

Who Is Louis Thornton-Allan?

Actor Louis Thornton-Allan is a student at New York’s Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Even though he doesn’t use social media much, he hasn’t shied away from professing his love for Meadow Walker.

He frequently publishes pictures from his acting and modeling jobs to his 4000 Instagram followers. In January 2021, he appeared in Blu DeTiger’s song Vintage. After the actor’s romance with Meadow was made public, he gained popularity.

Meadow Walker has never made many dating-related disclosures. But in July 2021, she shared an Instagram story with Louis Thornton-Allan. Louis posted a photo of them with the caption “Best Friend.” Then Meadow posted a second image to her Instagram story with the caption “My love.”

How the couple first connected remains a mystery. On August 9, they declared their engagement. The duo is seen in a recent video Louis posted on his Instagram account. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Louis Thornton-Allan.

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When Was Louis Thornton-Allan Born?

On August 19, 1997, Louis Thornton-Allan was born in Milton Keynes, England. He works as a producer, model, actor, and businessman. His parents are Lisa Thornton-Allan and Paul Thornton-Allan. Paul Thornton-Allan is his father, and Lisa Thornton-Allan is his mother.

He has a sister and two brothers. In his family, there are two brothers. His brothers go by the names of Joshua and Joseph Thornton-Allan. His parents are English interior designers.

Louis Thornton-Father is the head designer at The Big Picture Agency. Joshua Thornton-Allan is a filmmaker, and Joseph Thornton-Allan, Allan’s younger brother, is a senior manager at IMG Models.

He was brought up by his parents, along with his siblings. His nationality is British-American, and he is a White Caucasian. He practices Christianity as a religion. Leo is his zodiac sign. He is a student at the Stella Adler Studio of Performing Arts.

Who Is Louis Thornton-Allan?
Who Is Louis Thornton-Allan?

Image Source: vogue.com

What Is The Family Of Louis Thornton-Allan?

Insiders claim that Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan have been friends for a very long time. Louis Allan also shared pictures of Meadow on his social media platforms.

According to the most recent rumors, Louis Thornton-Allan and Meadow Walker got engaged in August 2021. She flaunted her diamond ring in an Instagram shot while floating in the water.

Insiders claim that the couple has been dating for a very long time. Louis Thornton-Allan, Meadow Walker’s longtime partner, proposed to her in October 2021, and they later wed.

However, the past associations of Meadow and Louis Thornton are not widely known. Paul Walker, the Fast & Furious series hero, has a daughter named Meadow Rain Walker.

According to the most recent sources, Meadow Walker, the daughter of Paul Walker from The Fast and the Furious, will wed her fiancé on October 22, 2021. She also shared some pictures from her wedding on her official Instagram account. According to People, Jordana Brewster, Vin Diesel, and other famous people attended her wedding.

Louis Thornton-Allan and Meadow Walker, Paul Walker’s daughter, got married. According to US Magazine, actor Vin Diesel led her down the aisle. Meadow Walker thinks of Diesel as her godfather.

According to reports, Vin and Meadow’s father, Paul Walker, were good friends. The bride wore an exquisite white gown. On the other side, the groom wore a black coat, pants, and a tie that matched.

What Is The Professional Career Of Louis Thornton-Allan?

He owned an interior design company, but he also enjoyed watching movies. He moved to New York from London as a result, where he started his Hollywood career. While in New York, he received a request for the Vintage music video by Blue De Tiger.

Along with music videos, he has also produced miniseries and short movies. The actor is captivated by the filmmaking process in addition to acting. He created Excoriated. As a result, he a short film in which he also acted.

Despite the movie’s lack of praise from critics, Thornton-Allan is upbeat. He continues to put in a lot of effort to establish himself in the entertainment industry.

What Is Louis Thornton-Allan Net Worth?

One of the wealthiest persons on the earth is actor, businessman, model, and producer Louis Thornton-Allan. The majority of His supporters are curious about his earnings and net worth. The income of Louis Thornton-Allan is unknown.

He also earns a respectable life from his career. Based on his work and career as an actor, businessman, model, and producer, he has a net worth of $2 million.

Louis is regarded as one of the world’s highest-paid public figures. He has established himself as a well-known actor, businessman, model, and producer. He is also quite successful at what he does and has a sizable net worth.

Known for his work, Louis is a well-known actor, businessman, model, and producer. Also, he still has a lot of work to do in his industry, so his net worth and income will likely increase over the coming years.

Who Is Louis Thornton-Allan?
Who Is Louis Thornton-Allan?

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Who Is His Wife, Meadow Walker?

The name of Louis Thornton’s girlfriend is Meadow Walker. Meadow Walker is the daughter of Allan Rebecca Soteros. Louis Thornton-Allan and Meadow Walker wed after a protracted courtship.

His wife, Meadow Walker, shared the excellent news with all her Instagram followers, along with a picture and some videos from the wedding.

In August, Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan made their engagement public, sparking news about their impending nuptials. But soon after admirers spotted her wearing a sizable diamond ring on her finger in an Instagram video, the engagement rumors started circulating.

Louis Thornton-Allan married Meadow Walker on October 22, 2021. In the Dominican Republic, a private ceremony served as the setting for the wedding.

Louis Thornton-Allan traveled to London to be with Meadow Walker during her quarantine and stayed with her throughout the procedure. Meadow Walker was confined while in London for work. But throughout that period, they both spent time together, and that’s how they began to know one another.

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