Lord Farquaad Height, Bio, Backstory Of Lord Farquaad And Who Is Lord Farquaad?

Whether or not you’ve seen the animated movie Shrek, you’ve at least heard of Lord Farquaad and have wondered what he’s all about. Unlucky celebs like Kylie Jenner have been linked to the legendary movie villain, and he has been taking the meme world by storm. Lord Farquaad is a goldmine of meme raw material thanks to his luscious, bobby haircut, his ability to be both romantic and ruthless simultaneously, and his unfailing sense of style.

If you’ve seen Shrek, as most people who grew up in the 2000s have, you already know a little about the man who created the memes. He is a selfish, cruel, and despicable dictator who seeks to rob Shrek of the love of his life. But let’s lift the veil and examine precisely what made Lord Farquaad the terrifying character we see in the film. Can you hold him accountable for his evil deeds? Or is he just a byproduct of his surroundings?

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Who Is Lord Farquaad?

In the 2001 animated picture Shrek, John Lithgow provided the voice of Lord Farquaad, the primary adversary. He is the sole King of Duloc, a made-up city-state in the Shrek universe, and he aspires to create an ideal utopia in his realm. Fairytale creatures are expelled from Farquaad’s kingdom because he believes they don’t conform to his ideal of perfection, forcing them to seek safety in Shrek’s swamp.

Lord Farquaad’s badness is quite evident from the outset of the film. There are elements of ethnic cleansing in his attempt to purge his land of all the storybook creatures. And let’s not forget that Farquaad is seen ripping the gingerbread man’s limbs off during a torture scene in this PG-rated movie. Does the fact that a gingerbread man was tortured in any way lessen the horror of the act? In my opinion, it doesn’t.

In addition, Farquaad learns that he must wed a princess to legitimize his kingdom; as a result, he intends to forcefully wed Princess Fiona. Fortunately, this scheme is thwarted when Shrek and Donkey intervene to save Fiona from Farquaad’s sinister grasp.

Following his disappearance from the second and third Shrek films, he reappears in Shrek 4-D as a ghost who desires to kill Princess Fiona to marry her in the afterlife and rule the underworld. In other words, he performed much the same in the first movie as a ghost. Without a doubt, Shrek 4-D wasn’t the highlight of the Shrek franchise.

Before you dismiss Farquaad as wholly wicked for his actions—which unquestionably border on kidnapping, torture, and several other obscenities—important it’s to consider his past.

Lord Farquaad Height, Bio, Backstory Of Lord Farquaad And Who Is Lord Farquaad?

The Backstory Of Lord Farquaad

The “Ballad of Farquaad” is a lament over Lord Farquaad’s fatherly problems. At one point during the song, he exclaims, “You’re going to pay, daddy.” Despite how angsty it may be, this section of the musical offers the audience a thorough understanding of Lord Farquaad’s personality.

Lord Farquaad is a highly diminutive man with an undeniable Napoleonic complex. It appears that his father was a very small-framed miner. Due to the nature of his employment, Farquaad’s father was largely away, which undoubtedly had a significant emotional impact on Farquaad. When Farquaad gets married at the show’s end, Grumpy from Snow White makes an appearance as his father.

We also discover from Shrek the Musical that Farquaad’s mother was the princess from The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. According to Farquaad, his mother rolled over in her sleep one night and fell to her death after his father built a bed for her that was 25 mattresses high, emulating the plot of The Princess and the Pea.

Farquaad’s father reportedly abandoned him in the woods at a young age when Farquaad couldn’t even walk, forcing the child to fend for himself, as if the psychological agony of losing a mother wasn’t enough. That may sound awful, but it turns out that Farquaad’s father ejected him from the house when he was 28 years old because he was residing in the basement and failing to pay rent when he showed up for Farquaad’s wedding toward the conclusion of Shrek The Musical. We can probably add lying to Farquaad’s list of offenses.

Despite this, the inner turmoil that Lord Farquadd developed can be somewhat explained by the grief associated with growing up without a mother. No one contests that Farquaad’s actions were justifiable, but learning about the tragic occurrences in his early life helps us understand Farquaad on a deeper level. After reading the tale of this angry little fellow, I have a teeny bit of pity for him. Can we ever truly forget that cute little gingerbread man was injured by Farquaad? Due to an attempt to have Shrek killed? For attempting to compel Fiona into an unsatisfactory union? Time will only tell.

Lord Farquaad Personality And Traits

Lord Farquaad Height, Bio, Backstory Of Lord Farquaad And Who Is Lord Farquaad?

Farquaad is Duloc City’s nasty, callous, rapacious, evil, snappish, arrogant, and iron-fisted king. He is a communist tyrant that only cares about himself and is very egotistical, oppressive, and power-hungry. Farquaad was a villain, but despite this, he didn’t view himself as a monster. When Gingy brought this up to him, he immediately ignored it. He even went so far as to brand him and the other fairytale creatures monsters, which makes him wholly xenophobic, disdainful, and individualistic. Farquaad also had a Napoleon Complex and felt the need to be overly dominant, forceful, and controlled to make up for his laughable height. In addition, his face is painted on the town of Duloc, revealing his blatant narcissism.

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At the same time, Farquaad is depicted in a painting as being taller than the dragon that murdered Fiona in another instance. Farquaad is a ruthless, inflexible socialist who believes that everything must be done according to his standards and that the only way for Duloc to achieve perfection is by banishing all mythical animals and establishing equality for all people. Farquaad’s sole ambition was establishing himself as the legitimate ruler and king of Duloc. Ironically, communism opposes monarchies since they are distinct ideologies, much as the Kahn Family’s monarchical rule over the socialist Outworld. Another amusing characteristic is that despite communism’s emphasis on equality, Farquaad still believes that all mythical animals, including ogres, deserve less than Orinionians.

The only reason Farquaad chose to wed Fiona was out of pure greed for power and with little to no love in his heart because to truly become a king, he needed a princess. Farquaad is also incredibly manipulative and sadistic, as shown when he severed Gingy’s dik and continued to mock him while torturing him. He is also very sexy and careless, as evidenced by the fact that he organized a tournament of knights to compete for honor rather than saving the princess himself. However, this could also be because he was too afraid to risk his own life and venture into a volcanic castle home to a massive dragon.

To be honest, he is relatively short in stature, so he probably couldn’t. Farquaad’s bullying streak is evident in how he labels Fiona and Shrek both “it” and describes them as being particularly nasty, cocky, annoying, and argumentative (not Clown IT). Even if they got married, there was no assurance that Farquaad would treat the princess fairly; their attraction may have been purely sexual. Farquaad has a strong Olaf Tutchenko or Joe Valirover vibe due to his dislike of fairytale creatures, desire to export them, communist worldview, and propensity to stand on podiums and give speeches.

How Tall Is Lord Farquaad In Shrek?

When thinking about any number of images that might come to mind: the classic film series that dominated the early 2000s, the countless memes that have spawned in the 20 years following, even the title ogre and his noble steed escaping the fiery stronghold of a giant purple dragon.

There are many things we know about Shrek, like that most humans fear him, and it is, therefore, a lot more enjoyable for him to live alone in a faraway swamp. We also know that looks can be deceiving and that this guy has more layers than any onion you’ve ever peeled. But one thing that’s never indeed revealed throughout the films, despite Shrek’s apparent size, is precisely how tall the ogre is.

Shrek is between 7 and 8 feet tall, according to Adam Adamson, who helmed the franchise’s first two installments. We may never know the fairy tale hero’s measurements because no information is available outside the films concerning his physique.


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