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Leno Motorcycle Accident: He Has Broken Bones In A Motorcycle Accident!

Leno Motorcycle Accident

Leno Motorcycle Accident

Jay Leno claims that months after sustaining severe burns to his face in another accident, he shattered several bones in a motorbike accident. The former late-night talk show host said in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he was pushed off his bike on January 17 and suffered a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and two damaged kneecaps as a result.

“But I’m OK!” Leno said. “I’m OK; I’m working. I’m working this weekend.”

The stand-up comedian from Vegas said that while testing a 1940 Indian motorcycle, he became aware of the odor of gasoline seeping. Unbeknownst to me, a man had a wire strung across the parking lot with no flag hanging from it, Leno recalled.

“So I turned down a sideway and cut through a parking lot.” So, as you might imagine, I missed it until it was too late. I was clotheslined and then suddenly knocked off the bike.

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Leno claimed that the media attention he received after the November incident in which his face was scorched while working underneath an old 1907 car prevented him from first disclosing the injury.

I was under the fuel line because it was plugged in. I told him to blow some air through the tube since it seemed congested, and he did as I instructed during a December visit on “Today.” “And all of a sudden, I had gas in my face.  pilot light then leaped, setting my face on fire.

Leno posed for a picture with some of the staff at the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, where he received treatment after being released from the hospital due to that accident. Has contacted Leno’s representatives for more information regarding his motorbike accident.

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