What Are Laura San Giacomo Measurements? Is She Married For The Second Time?

Laura San Giacomo Measurements: Actress Laura San Giacomo was born in the United States on November 14, 1962. She portrayed Cynthia in the 1989 film Sex, Lies, and Videotape, for which she received the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female, Kit De Luca in the 1990 version of Pretty Woman, Crazy Cora in the 1990 version of Quigley Down Under, Nadine Cross in the 1994 version of The Stand, and Maya Gallo in the NBC sitcom Shoot Me! (1997–2003).

She also portrayed the recurring character of Rhetta Rodriguez on the TNT drama Saving Grace (2007–2010) and the recurring role of Dr. Grace Confalone on the CBS drama NCIS. She was nominated for a BAFTA and two Golden Globe Awards (2016–2019, 2022). Likewise, now we can see people searching for Lara San Giacomo Measurements.

What Are Laura San Giacomo Measurements?

Laura San Giacomo has a fantastic personality in addition to being quite attractive. About 5 feet and 2 inches tall, the actress. Although she is 59 kg.

In addition, the measurements of the entire body are 39 inches around the bust, 25 inches around the waist, and 35 inches around the hips. Her hair is light brown, and her eyes are a dark brown tone. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Laura San Giacomo Measurements.

How Did Laura San Giacomo Spend Her Childhood?

On November 14, 1962, in West Orange, New Jersey, Laura San Giacomo was born. She is American because she was born and raised in the country. Her father is John San Giacomo, and her mother is MaryJo.

Laura is 58 years old as of the year 2020. Her faith is Christianity, and she is of Italian-American descent. Laura was a superb student who consistently received high marks. However, she had always been more interested in performing than in academics.

Laura graduated from Morris Knolls High School in the United States with honors. She later completed a fine arts degree at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama with acting as a concentration.

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What Are Laura San Giacomo Measurements?
What Are Laura San Giacomo Measurements?

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How Did Laura San Giacomo Start Her Acting Career?

Laura San Giacomo began her acting career by performing in plays when she was very young. She first worked on shows including Three Sisters, Romeo and Juliet, and Italian Reconciliation. She appeared for the first time in “Crime Story” in 1987. Her next appearance in 1989 was on “Miami Vice.” Her subsequent musical play, “All my children,” was where she worked.

Laura San Giacomo had an excellent and successful year in 1990. She had the opportunity to collaborate with Julia Roberts on the set of Pretty Woman, playing the part of Kit De Lucca. Laura had the chance to work on multiple films in the same year, including “Essential Signs.”

Because of her part in the movie Pretty Woman, Laura gained much notoriety and celebrity. She played a close friend of Julia Roberts’ character in that blockbuster film, which brought in over 178 million dollars at the box office.

She played the character of Mayo Gallo in the American sitcom “Just Shoot Me” in 1997. She appeared in more than 148 scenes during more than 6 years of the show’s live broadcast, which ended in 2003. After appearing in the comedy-drama series “Just Shoot Me,” Laura San Giacomo gained notoriety and became well-known.

Her next TV project in 2007 was “Redeeming Quality,” and she played a crucial role in it. In “Gargoyles,” Laura experimented by attempting to provide a voice for a fictional character. This was the basis of Laura San Giacomo’s prosperous career, which saw her gain fame and fortune.

Laura is a very seasoned actress with a tonne of experience working in Hollywood. Laura has won numerous prizes for her outstanding performance in various films. Throughout her career, Laura has received two Golden Globe nominations and one BAFTA award.

Is She Married For The Second Time?

What Are Laura San Giacomo Measurements?
What Are Laura San Giacomo Measurements?

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Although it is her second marriage, Laura San Giacomo is currently engaged. She has been married twice, and Cameron Dye is her first spouse.

On June 24, 1990, Laura wed Cameron Dye; however, their union lasted just eight years. Due to some internal issues, they both divorced in the year 1998. Their kid, who goes by the name Mason Allan Dye, is Laura and Cameron’s only child.

After a difficult breakup, Laura fell in love with Matt Adler, and in 2000 they decided to get married. Matt and Laura get along well and are there for one another through good times. This wonderful couple has been wed for more than two decades, yet there are no reports of a divorce.

Both Laura and Matt Adler have a strong sense of loyalty to one another and have never engaged in extramarital affairs. This gorgeous couple has set the bar extremely high for other young couples out there.

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