Latest On Idaho Killings: Police Looking For Driver of Car Seen Near Crime

Latest on Idaho Killings: Four University of Idaho students were brutally stabbed to death, and investigators are still working to solve the case. On Wednesday, they said they were searching for the driver of a white automobile that was seen nearby the night of the murders.

One of the most critical pieces of evidence the police have revealed in recent weeks is that they are searching for a white Hyundai Elantra close to the students’ house on Nov. 13 in the “early morning hours.” Moscow, Idaho, a college town, has been shaken and confused by the attacks, but no one has been taken into custody.

The driver and any potential passengers may have “important information” about what transpired, according to the police, who did not indicate that anyone in the car was a suspect. They claimed that their license plate number was missing.

The police stated that “your information, whether you believe it is relevant or not, might be the piece of the puzzle that helps investigators solve these murders.”

Despite the assistance of numerous F.B.I. agents and state police officers, the authorities have not made an arrest or named a suspect in connection with the early-morning killing spree that occurred in a home near a university in Moscow, Idaho, on November 13. They have steadily retracted several prior assumptions, including the notion that the general public was not at risk.

After Thanksgiving break, some students returned to college. Still, many stayed at home as the university offered online sessions due to the terror gripping the neighborhood since the fatalities. More than 5,000 tips were received, 113 pieces of physical evidence were gathered, around 4,000 pictures were taken, and more than 150 interviews were performed, according to the police.

Latest On Idaho Killings
Latest On Idaho Killings

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Capt. Roger Lanier of the Moscow Police Department stated last month that “this is our top priority.” It will continue to be our top priority. We owe the families that.

The information that has come to light has added to the mystery surrounding the deaths of the four students, who seemed to be enjoying a routine Saturday night in a neighborhood where there hadn’t been a murder in seven years.

Two other residents of the rented home appeared to have been sleeping during the incident as they were stabbed to death inside. According to phone data, two victims made several unsuccessful calls to a friend in the early morning hours. Until around noon, no one phoned 911 to report the incident.

Ethan Chapin, 20, went to see his girlfriend, Xana Kernodle, who was one of the victims. Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, all lived at the house.

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