What Is Kay Flock’s Age? Why Has He Been Arrested?

Kay is a well-known artist, singer, rapper, and controversial character from the Bronx. He is famous in music for his superb singing voice and songwriting skills. He chooses to go by the name Kay in the music industry. He is an American rapper who rose to stardom because of his critically acclaimed album.

His stage name is Kay Flock. He has recorded numerous tracks since beginning his musical career in 2020, including Lil Tjay’s “Not in the Mood,” which peaked at number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Thraxxx’s rap ensemble consists of Kay, Freakshow, Lizzle, and Boogie Snow. He collaborated with Thraxxx for the first time in 2012. He also gives solo performances.

Where Was Kay Flock And Raised?

Kay Flock is a young man with a lot of energy, almost 19 years old and in his late 20s. He was born in 2003 and used to have a birthday party on the first of October. Kay was also reared in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, where she was born.

His date of birth places him under the zodiac sign of Libra. His name does not have a page on Wikipedia, nor does it have an official website.

His YouTube site, where he posts his songs and other musical performances, is where he is most well-known. Kay makes most of his money from his singing career and YouTube channel.

As of May 26, 2020, when he joined YouTube, he has more than 39K subscribers, which is a sizable number. Kay’s account was compromised by a hacker whose identity is still a mystery. On his Instagram page, he made a similar comment. For just 12 postings so far, he has amassed almost 38K followers on Instagram.

What Is Kay Flock’s Age?

In the United States, in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, he was born on April 20, 2003. By October 2022, Kay will be 19 years old. Kevin Perez is his actual name.

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Who Are Kay Flock Family?

What Is Kay Flock's Age?
What Is Kay Flock’s Age?

Taurus is his zodiac sign, and he is of mixed racial heritage. There isn’t much information about his family, and he solely talked about his mother in one of his interviews. He reveals that his mother has always been there for him and loves him for what he does for a living.

His mother used to work at a nursing home, and his father was a modest laborer. Kya’s father is called Me. Mrs. Perez is Perez’s mother. He has a sister and a brother, making him his parents’ only kid. He hasn’t yet shared their names on any of the platforms.

How Did Key Flock Start His Career?

To continue his musical career, Kay released the song “Opp Spotter.” In the song, his close friend B-Lovee appears. In December 2021, he released the song’s official music video, which received 3.4 million views in no time. After that, he released “Brotherly Love,” another song with Dougie B and B-Lovee. As of April 2022, the song had amassed over 17 million views.

Capitol Records, a record label owned by Universal Music Group, signed Flock in July 2021. After a few months, he released “The D. O. A.” his debut mixtape. The mixtape successfully established a cult following among music fans and peaked at No. 1 on the Heatseekers Albums chart.

He continued his tremendous musical career by releasing “Is Ya Ready,” another tune, in August. The song was included in Jon Caramanica’s pick of the top 28 songs of 2021. In September, Kay released the song “Being Honest.” A list of the top 100 songs of 2021 included the music. Later, in October 2021, he appeared in Lil Tjay’s song “Not in the Mood.”

The song was hugely successful and peaked at No. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100. In November, Billboard awarded the flock the Hip Hop Rookie of the Month. In April 2022, he released his drill song, “Shake It,” which featured rappers Cardi B and Dougie B.

Who Is Kay Flock Dating?

Rapper Flock is well-known and talented. He did a lot of internet research and is now dating his girlfriend. Additionally, he broadcast live on his official Instagram account alongside his boyfriend. He hasn’t yet made his partner’s identity public on his social media profiles.

Regarding his relationship, Kay Flock has been relatively quiet. Additionally, we cannot find out about his prior relationships on social media. It is possible that he wants to keep his private life private. As soon as it’s practical, we’ll do our best to inform you about his partnership’s specifics.

Why Has He Been Arrested?

Rapper Kay Flock’s Christmas came early after he was detained on Christmas Eve for reportedly shooting Oscar Hernandez, 24, to death outside a Harlem barbershop on December 16.

18-year-old Kay Flock, also known as Kevin Perez, turned himself in at the 30th precinct one week after the incident. Detectives then accused him of murder and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Hernandez was waiting to receive a haircut in a barbershop when Perez strolled by, opened the door, and reportedly asked Hernandez what he was staring at. This is according to The New York Daily News. An argument started when Hernandez confronted Perez outside.

According to multiple media reports, Perez drew a revolver and shot Hernandez in the neck and back as the two men walked away. When he arrived at Mt. Sinai Morningside Hospital, he was declared dead.

In a statement, Hernandez’s family said they thought it was a case of mistaken identity because the two men did not know one another. According to the police, they think it might have been gang-related.

“On December 16, 2021, at approximately 9:53 am, the pictured individual, also known as Kay Flock, did discharge a 9mm firearm at the victim, causing the victim’s demise in front of 1836 Amsterdam Avenue in New York, within the confines of the 30th precinct,” reads the wanted poster published by the New York City Police Department.

The culprit should be treated as armed and dangerous because they have a history of firearms charges. The offender is a recognized Thirdside Gang member.

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