What Is Kash Doll Net Worth? Does She Own Any Real Estate?

In Detroit, Michigan, Kash Doll was named Arkeisha Antoinette Knight. Kash Doll was born on March 14, 1992, according to Google. However, she frequently gives alternative ages on social media. She was reared by a single mother and had five younger siblings.

Kash Doll began working to support her family when she was young. When she was younger, she developed an interest in rap, starting to freestyle and write songs.

Kash Doll studied business management for a year at Henry Ford College before working as an exotic dancer to support her family. She rapped at the club while she was a dancer and started getting paid by the customers without dancing. She allegedly earned $26,000 in one evening.

What Is Kash Doll Net Worth?

Rapper and performer Kash Doll, also known as Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, is from the United States. Kash Doll has a $3 million net worth as of 2023. After the release of her singles “For Everybody” in 2017 and “Ice Me Out” in 2018, she began to gain notoriety.

She began working as soon as possible to support her family financially when she was a little child. She was tiny when her father passed away. The oldest of her six siblings, she has six siblings in all. She is passionate about singing and used to perform freestyle songs in front of the class.

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How Did Kash Doll Start Her Music Career?

When Kash Doll first began her career, she recorded music for a small local label. Even so, the business was shut down, so Kash Doll used social media to showcase her singing abilities. She was able to connect with people all over the world, including Drake Graham, the most well-known musician in the world.

Drake invited Kash Doll to sing a song at the Detroit stop of his Summer Sixteen tour. She did so with pride. She released her single “His & Hers” in 2015. The songs “Run Me My Money” and “Accurate” were then made available the following year by Kash Doll. After two years, Kash Doll released the famous song “For Everybody.”

Later, she launched the CD “Brat Mail,” which has the tracks “Serious,” “Check,” and “Dancing” and contains three songs altogether. Natasha Mosley and Kash Doll worked together on the song “Serious.”

Kash Doll Net Worth
Kash Doll Net Worth

Then, in 2018, Kash Doll put out another album called “Vault,” which has three songs on it: “Here I Go,” “So Crazy,” and “Out of Line.” She released the “stacked” album in the same year.

There is a song called “Ice Me Out” in there. It marked a significant turning point in the Kashubian doll’s career. And in the US highest chart positions, that song peaked at position 76.

Under the “stacked” album, new tracks by Kash Doll were released in 2019. Additionally, Kash Doll was given a fantastic chance to perform the song “How’s It Done?” for the Charlie’s Angels movie.

She worked alongside Kim Petras, Stefflon Don, and Alma for that song. She also released her song “Single and Happy” in 2021. Because she was expecting his son in 2022, Kash Doll did not release any songs.

Does She Own Any Real Estate?

Kash Doll spent $1.935 million on the house in Grosse Point Farms, Michigan, in January 2020. In March 2021, she put this house on the market for $2.5 million, but in August 2021, she settled for $1.7 million.

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