How To Kajabi Login? What Do Students Say About This App?

The most widely used all-in-one online course platform at the moment is Kajabi. Because it differs from other course builders, many individuals find it challenging to decide between the two possibilities.

We know the nuances of the Kajabi platform because we have assisted hundreds of content producers in launching their Kajabi membership sites and courses.

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What Is The Kajabi App?

Users of Apple and Android devices can download the Kajabi mobile application for free. With it, everything in your courses, coaching sessions, or website content is easily accessible to your customers and students. It’s the ideal option for busy folks who want easy access to your content.

Your pupils won’t have to keep track of URLs, login names, or passwords using the Kajabi app. Through a “magic link,” they can instantly access everything in your course and community.

Customers submit their email addresses when logging into the Kajabi app for the first time. Kajabi loads all of their courses onto the app dashboard after they validate their email address.

Students can access the material moving forward by simply launching the Kajabi app. It’s not necessary to log in each time. The experience is significantly smoother than using Kajabi through a mobile browser because Kajabi specifically created the app for people on mobile devices.

Additionally, thanks to the straightforward user interface, your students will have no trouble using your course as planned. After all, you carefully considered every aspect of your course design because you want to provide the best learning environment for your students. Kajabi delivers without a doubt.

How To Kajabi Login?

You must first log in to Kajabi at to access the platform. Check to see if the email address you supplied corresponds to the email address linked with your account after ensuring the website address is correct.

What Is Kajabi Used For?

Kajabi is a complete business platform with all the tools you need to launch and manage a successful online business. For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, came Kajabi. Online courses, membership websites, and other digital items can be easily created with Kajabi.

To showcase your knowledge, you may use Kajabi to develop a range of content kinds, including online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, membership sites, and more.

How Does The Kajabi App Work?

How Do Kajabi App Login?
How Do Kajabi App Login?

Utilizing the Kajabi app is quite simple.

  • 1. To get started, download the app from the app store on your phone.
  • 2. Launch the app and select “Get Started” from the menu after downloading it.
  • 3. Type in your email.
  • 4. Verify your email by going to your inbox.
  • 5. Open the Kajabi app when you have verified your email.
  • 6. Decide which courses to include in your active list. When you initially arrive at this page, all of your systems that Kajabi hosts are automatically selected. Any lessons you don’t wish to add can be unchecked.
  • 7. After choosing the courses you want to include in your list of active “Sites,” decide which one you wish to open first.
  • 8. If a student owns multiple of your courses, every one of them will appear in their library.
  • 9. Just choose the class or module you want to begin.
  • 10. You can use your phone to watch movies, download PDFs, or read classes.
  • 11. Check off each lesson as you finish it by marking it as “Completed.”
  • 12. The community is accessible through the app if your program includes one.

The first time you log on, you don’t have to add every course you’re taking. You have the choice to include them later. To add those courses to your Sites list, simply return to Account Settings beneath the gear icon and select the Add option.

Simply sign out of the course if you want to remove it from your list of active classes. Clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen will let you accomplish that. That course will no longer appear in the list of active sites, but you can still access it by clicking the gear button.

What Do Students Say About This App?

The student experience with the Kajabi app is relatively seamless, as seen in the images above. Students don’t have to remember specifics like usernames and passwords, and the design is straightforward. The one-touch login makes it simple for students to access your content.

And if they have internet connectivity, they may open the Kajabi app and see any of the content you’ve provided them with regardless of how busy they are or where they are. They can learn over their lunch break, on a business trip, or at any other time when they have a few spare minutes.

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