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Joe Goldberg In You Season 4 Trailer: After the compulsive murderer’s suburban life (and his wife) were destroyed in You’s third season, Joe (Penn Badgley), who is now assumed dead, moved abroad.

Additionally, as is already known, he will be impersonating Jonathan Moore in season 4 of the Netflix drama—sorry, professor Jonathan Moore.

His new life in London has him working in academics, and on top of that, he’s trying to win over Marienne, his most recent love (Tati Gabrielle).

Marianne refers to Joe as a killer in the most recent season 4 trailer, to which he replies, “You are mistaken about me. I’ll give you my proof.” A new route is always sparked by heartbreak, according to him.

The season revolves heavily around Joe’s new attitude. As Sera Gamble, the creator of You, recently said to Entertainment Weekly, “We need him to be somewhat self-aware after four seasons, but it’s clear that he has a lot of blind spots. He keeps making the same mistakes, so he will work hard to make up for them this season.”

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But Joe never manages to avoid problems for very long. I “fell in with the most deranged, damaged individuals on earth,” he says in the teaser. One of those injured, psychotic people is particularly interested in Joe.

In the teaser, Joe is seen battling the “devour the rich murderer,” a serial killer. The killer is not only going after Joe’s new audience but also Joe (and his secrets). After getting a text that says, “Hello, Joe,” Joe can be heard saying, “One of you is monitoring me.”

The show’s fourth season is beginning to resemble a whodunnit, as EW previously discussed with Gamble. According to Gamble, no matter how many whodunnits I read or see, they still hold my attention.

“Simply put, it’s a great genre. And perhaps the first well-known serial killer hails from London with Jack the Ripper, so we discussed Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit plots.”

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