Who Was Jennifer Hernandez? What Was The Cause of Her Death?

One of the most well-known bodybuilders in the US, Jennifer Hernandez, passed away unexpectedly at age 58 in 2020. Many women who advocate for a healthy lifestyle and athletes look up to this woman as an example.

The news of this great woman’s passing was initially shocking when it was made public on October 24th, 2021. Recently, she was spotted competing in the IFBB Tampa Pro 2021 competition. It was unexpected; initially, many people thought it was merely a rumour that frequently involved celebrities. But once the initial shock subsided, we tragically lost another outstanding athlete in 2021.

Who Was Jennifer Hernandez?

Professional bodybuilder and fitness specialist Jenifer Hernandez. She was compassionate, a role model for many people, and an inspiration for women in bodybuilding. She persuaded everyone that anyone who wants to might have fun bodybuilding!

The majority of professional athletes begin their careers in weightlifting and fitness training. However, not always at such a late age as 47, as Jennifer did when she first entered competitions in 2005. No matter their sport or discipline, great athletes must possess exceptional agility skills because there will always be unpredictable moments during matches.

When Was Jennifer Hernandez Born?

Jennifer was born in Miami, Florida, on August 24, 1963. She finished her education at a nearby neighbourhood school. Later, she enrolled in a nearby Miami University to finish her degree. She is of wealthy African-American descent.

Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and her father was a businessman. The names of Jennifer’s parents were never made public because she is a private person. However, it is well known that she had a tight relationship with them. According to her Instagram account, she has a sister named Jennifer Dorie, who is also a well-known bodybuilder.

How Did Jennifer Gernandaz Start Her Bodybuilding And Fitness Career?

Following an online report, former professional bodybuilder Dennis James confirmed Jennifer Hernandez’s passing. Hernandez last competed in Tampa Pro 2021. She was a gifted athlete with numerous triumphs, including being a Top 5 Qualifier for the World Professional Bodybuilding Championships.

Her upbeat outlook and frame of mind were ideal for bodybuilding. She had a cheerful attitude and thought she could easily accomplish any goal she set for herself. The mission statement published online wonderfully captured this because it showed how much effort was put into winning championships in the sport. May she rest in peace, my dear. Find out everything about celebrities on Absolute General News.

Who Was Jennifer Hernandez?
Who Was Jennifer Hernandez?

What Was The Cause of Her Death?

After Jennifer Hernandez’s tragic passing, her family didn’t issue official statements. However, to express their condolences, her close friend and other professional bodybuilders shared the sad news on their social media accounts. Jennifer Hernandez, the “Mayor of Miami”…universally known as SEXUAL CHOCOLATE, remarked Bob Cicherillo.

You left us far too soon, which stings because you represented family to the NPC and IFBB Pro League in the truest sense. I’m pretty proud of ordaining you for Sexual Chocolate since you looked terrific years ago. As we all celebrate your life, I officially retire the nickname in your honour. WE HEART YOU!

In his emotional obituary, Dexter Jackson wrote, “This one hurts SO MUCH! Still struggling for words, I learned of @fiftyndfabulous’s passing when I arrived in Reno last night. She was such a wonderful, devoted person. She would genuinely give her entire wardrobe to anyone who needed it. I had a wonderful friendship with Jen.

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She supported me in all my family, and I did, just like my elder sister. She irritated me as well, just like my siblings do. Lol! As you can see, she was insulting and bugged the crap out of me every time I saw her. When I was kissed in front of my pals, I felt like that youngster. There is no doubt about that. She would love me regardless of what I or anybody else said or where we were. I will miss you so much, @fiftyndfabulous, because I love you.

The cause of Jennifer’s death is still a mystery. Some others think she might have had a heart attack before passing away. Heart attacks have claimed the lives of many bodybuilders and athletes in their prime. But whatever the reason, her passing was a sad circumstance.

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