Jalen Hurts Injury: Eagles Quarterback Suffers Shoulder Sprain, Could Miss Two Games

Jalen Hurts Injury:  Consequently, here’s a bit of a shocking gut punch: Philadelphia Eagles (+6) Jalen Hurts had a shoulder sprain during the game.

The good news, if you want to call it that, is that Hurts’ injury “isn’t considered long term,” according to NFL Network. Hurts, however, might miss two of the Eagles’ last three contests, according to Jeff McLane of the Inquirer.

Before any announcement, DraftKings Sportsbook changed the Eagles-Cowboy’s spread from Dallas being favored by 1.5 points to being selected by 6 points, giving the impression that bad news was on the way. They also changed Hurts’ position as the favorite to win the MVP award back to Patrick Mahomes. Vegas is constantly aware.

After a game in which he ran 17 times and received several hard blows, Hurts underwent X-rays, according to my BGN Radio co-host Jimmy Kempski.

According to reports, the injury was brought on by Trevis Gipson’s drive that sent him crashing to the ground in the third quarter. Hurts completed the game and guided the Eagles to their 13th victory of the year. Congratulations to him for persevering.

It turns out that the Eagles’ victory over the Bears and the Cowboys’ loss after blowing a 17-point lead were both crucial factors. With only one more success during their last three games, the Birds can claim the top seed in the NFC playoff scenario.

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It will be difficult, though not impossible, to defeat the Cowboys while using Eagles backup quarterback Gardner Minshew. He’s one of the league’s top No. 2 quarterbacks, but Hurts has been outstanding this year.

Jalen Hurts Injury
Jalen Hurts Injury

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To give Hurts time to recover before Philadelphia’s first playoff game in the divisional round, the Eagles would prefer if they could win a game within the next two weeks.

Although unfortunately, Hurts will miss time, that much is possible given that the Eagles are hosting the. The Dallas game loses much of its excitement, but it will still be funny if the Eagles win on Christmas Eve.

It probably puts an end to his MVP bid. It also begs the question of whether Hurts will eventually make a full recovery or if he will be more susceptible to getting hurt again.

For the time being, it’s comforting to know that things could have been much worse and that Hurts won’t miss the entire season. But the Eagles’ path to the end of the regular season became a bit more complicated.

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