What Is Jaden Newman’s Age? Who Is Her Brother Julian Newman?

The varsity prep level’s youngest girl to reach 1000 career points was Jaden Newman. Few female pupils at that age get such an outcome. She rose to fame after one of her online videos from when she was a player for Downey Christian School went viral.

What Is Jaden Newman’s Age?

The 18-year-old American basketball player and TV personality (as of September 2022). She began playing the game in the third grade, and the rest is history. She intends to continue on the path of his older brother.

Where Was Jaden Newman Born?

Jaden Newman was raised in Orlando, Florida, where he was born. She is of mixed race and American nationality. She was born under the Gemini zodiac sign. A basketball phenom by the name of Julian, she has a brother.

She became well-known online after a video of playing basketball for Downey Christian School went viral. At the time, Jaden was a fifth-grader. Most of her kin are active in the sport as participants or coaches. Her father, the varsity coach at Downey Christian, urged her to play the sport.

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How Did Jaden Newman Start Her Career?

Newman comes from a basketball-coaching and playing family. The basketball team of Orlando, Florida’s Downey Christian School, is coached by her father, Jamie Newman.

When the club lacked a point guard, her father mentioned Jaden Newman as a potential replacement. She had always been interested in basketball, so her father, a coach, started getting both of his kids ready for it in third grade. Jaden’s lifelong ambition is to become the first female player in the NBA.

She is constantly enhancing her abilities, and one day she will succeed. Jamie was always passionate about the sport growing up, so she was aware of her ability to flourish on the squad. At first, there was some doubt about the move, but after she participated in her first game with the team, attitudes about her skills and inclusion in the side quickly changed.

When she joined the squad in fifth grade, she averaged 15 points each game. Over the following two years, her scoring significantly rose. Between sixth and seventh grades, she doubled her point totals per game. In eighth grade, her average point total was approximately 46. She scored 70 points in one game and set a national record.

Newman got the youngest player to 1,000 points in any sport as the youngest player to do so as a varsity prep player. She is driven to play for the Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball team because most of her role models played for the UConn women’s basketball team. She works out with her basketball-playing brother Julian Newman.

On average, the pair practices more than 500 shots daily and works on their shooting form from all angles. Her shot conversion percentage is exceptionally high compared to her contemporaries, but she also makes a great team member. The point guard averages five steals, four rebounds, and more than seven assists per game.

What Is Jaden Newman's Age?
What Is Jaden Newman’s Age?

Who Is Her Brother Julian Newman?

Another basketball prodigy is Aden Newman’s brother Julian. He is a point guard on the team. He first rose to fame in 2012 when YouTube recordings of him playing varsity basketball went viral. At the time, he was in fifth grade. When Julian was three years old, he started showing an interest in basketball, and his father helped him every step of the way by training him.

Julian was playing with and competing against older boys in no time at all. The youngest boys and girls to accomplish 1,000 career points at the varsity prep level are Julian and Jaden Newman, respectively. When Julian first began participating in basketball for the middle school team, he was in the fifth grade.

He got promoted to the varsity team since he demonstrated that he was better for that level. He led Downey Christian to a 21-6 record while holding the state record for most assists in Florida. The high school sports website MaxPreps featured Julian in an article titled “Fifth-grader starting for Florida varsity team” in 2012.

How Did Jaden Newman Get Achievements In Her Career?

Newman’s debut drew nationwide attention and even appeared on the famous “The Queen Latifah Show.” Furthermore, the NCAA Division I program, the University of Miami, started recruiting the young star in the hope of making her commit to the program.

However, Jaden has always wanted to play for the University of Connecticut (UConn), Storrs, Connecticut, and has always been a big UConn Huskies supporter.

The young athlete and media personality has also appeared in a footlocker commercial with the professional basketball player Stephen Curry and has gone face to face against Curry in a 3-point shooting contest. In 2019, Newman entered the music industry with her debut single, “I Run It,” featuring Orlando, Florida-based R&B artist Chandler Broom.

Is Jaden Newman In A Relationship?

You may wonder if the aspiring basketball star is dating anyone or if she even has a boyfriend. Well, we are here to give you all the solutions you require.

There are currently no reports of Jaden Newman dating or having a boyfriend. Newman, who is only 16, still has a lot of life decisions to make. Her boyfriend’s choice is one such example.

According to reports, the basketball prodigy is single and concentrating on her TV appearances and basketball career. But now that she has gained popularity and a family, it won’t be surprising to see her dating soon. So, let’s see what the young athlete’s future holds.

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