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Jack Nicholson comes from a large family! The illustrious actor has six kids throughout his previous relationships, including his sole ex-wife Sandra Knight. In 1962, the actor from The Shining wed Sandra, who is now 83. In 1963, the ex-couple gave birth to their lone child, Jennifer Nicholson, and split up five years later.

Sandra described Jack to Closer magazine as “the real Jack is a loving, caring, and giving person” back in 2016. She said, “We had a very lovely, romantic marriage. Caleb James Goddard, his second kid, was conceived during a relationship with Susan Anspach; however, actor Mark Goddard eventually obtained legal custody of Caleb. Later, Jack met Winnie Hollman, a former model and the mother of his 1981-born daughter Honey.

Through his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Broussard, 60, with whom he was romantically involved from 1989 to 1994, he had his third and fourth children. Daughter Lorraine was born in 1990, and son Raymond was born in 1992, to the ex-couple.

According to reports, Jack and waitress Jennine Gourin welcomed Tessa, age 28, as their sixth child in 1994. Tessa has been open about how little of a relationship she and Jack have, saying in a February 2023 interview with The Daily Beast that she hasn’t spoken to him in years. Jack has never publicly recognized that he is Tessa’s father. Less is said about Jack’s six children below.

Jennifer Nicholson

Jack and his only ex-wife Sandra Knight had Jennifer Nicholson on September 13, 1963. Her mother reared Jennifer in Hawaii after their divorce. She studied art at USC. Her interior design work included updating her father’s Mulholland Drive home. Jennifer became a prominent fashion designer, but she admitted that her last name caused “pressure” others didn’t understand.

“I like being Jack Nicholson’s daughter and I’m proud of him, but people don’t understand the pressures,” she stated in an interview. In 2013, she created a Venice boutique selling her own and other California goods.

Jack Nicholson Children

Jennifer starred in 1994’s Inevitable Grace and her father financed 1990’s Blue Champagne. Jennifer tried acting in “Blue Champagne,” a 1990 film her father sponsored, but it never aired. “Inevitable Grace” was her 1994 psychological thriller.

In 1997, the brunette married Mark Norfleet, whom she met at Punahou School in Honolulu. Sean was born in 1996, and Duke in 1999. Jennifer divorced Mark in 2003. Duke dated Bella Hadid.

Caleb James Goddard

Jack and Susan Anspach had Caleb on September 26, 1970. After meeting on Five Easy Pieces in 1969, the actors started dating. Jack denied Caleb was his for years, and Lost In Space star Mark Goddard adopted him (Mark and Susan married in 1970, divorced in 1978).

Caleb attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., after his childhood was kept private. He wrote, produced, and acted in New York City, like his parents. In the mid-1980s, Jack began supporting Caleb financially. Nicholas confirmed Caleb as his son in a 1996 People interview.

Jack Nicholson Children

Susan was furious after Vanity Fair’s 1994 profile didn’t mention her son. After, Anspach claimed, “Jack would say, ‘I didn’t have a father and I’m a superstar, it didn’t hurt me. “But you didn’t have to see your father on every corner…” You’re famous. “It’s cruel,” she continued.

Caleb discussed reconciling with his father. “Jack told me that—he never liked my mom,” he added. “He said my mom had tried to use the press against him, that the press didn’t matter once you got to court,” he added. Caleb has attended basketball games with his biological father.

Honey Hollman

Winnie Hollman, a former Miss Scandinavia, and her husband Jack had Honey Hollman on January 1, 1981. Honey was born in Denmark, and it is thought that the two had an illicit romance while Honey was there (Jack was dating Anjelica Huston at the time).

Of Jack’s children, Honey lives in Europe for the majority of her life and is the most secluded. However, she pursued acting and made a 2006 appearance in the Danish movie Empire North. Honey and her Academy Award-winning father are separated, but Jack has always maintained a phone connection with Honey.

The actress wed Peter Duffy, and the two now operate a pub in the Irish town of Trim and lead tranquil lives there. According to reports, she has three kids with Duffy.

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Lorraine Nicholson

Jack and ex-Rebecca Broussard have Lorraine Nicholson on April 16, 1990. Los Angeles-born 32-year-old studied acting at Brown University.

Lorraine, like her father, acts. The 13-year-old blonde played Samantha Newman in 2003’s Something’s Gotta Give. Soul Surfer, based on the novel by Bethany Hamilton, featured her.

“My dad told me, ‘The only goal you should have when you start out is to get people to want to work with you again,’ because if you get the opportunities to try, you’ll get better,” she said in a Town & Country interview back in 2017. When asked what she’s learned from observing her dad, she shared, “that it’s really important to live a fulfilled life.”

Lorraine has attended events with Jack for years, usually courtside at Lakers games.

Ray Nicholson

Jack and Rebecca welcomed their second child, Ray Nicholson, into the world on February 20, 1992. Ray was reared in Los Angeles, just like his sister Lorraine. Later, he enrolled in the esteemed University of Southern California student of Cinematic Arts, where he participated in student productions.

Jack Nicholson Children

Ray, like his sister and father, is an actor who has worked on a number of different projects, such as the television show Panic. In October 2021, Jack made his first public appearance in two years when Ray was spotted with his father at a Lakers game.

Tessa Gourin

Jack has never publicly acknowledged Tessa as his daughter, but the 28-year-old actress was born from an affair he had with then-20-year-old waitress Jenine Gourin. The Daily Beast called Tessa the “spitting image” of Jack, although she said she didn’t get along with her dad. “He said he wasn’t interested,” she told the site. “When you’re a child, you don’t have a choice where you’re going, so if your mom is pushing you on someone who’s technically your father and he agrees to see you for anywhere between one hour and two days, that’s where you’ll go. I don’t know this individual well.”


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According to IMDb, Tessa acted in Stranger’s Arms and The Crusaders despite her restricted relationship. In a February 2023 Newsweek op-ed, she discussed the entertainment industry’s “no-babies” and her challenges as an actress. “Having grown up without my father, I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched in frustration as other celebrity children have seamlessly secured roles or been signed to huge agencies,” she wrote.

Tessa has called her father “one of the greatest actors of all time” in Newsweek, despite their limited relationship. She told The Daily Beast that she still admires his work. “If I were to discredit anything about his acting, then that wouldn’t make me an artist,” she told the site.

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