Iyanna And Jarrette Love Is Blind: Are They Together Now?

The vast majority of those who overheard the pair talking about everyday issues like their families, their aspirations for the future, and traumatic events were positive about the couple’s ability to make it through to the end together. When Jarrette’s connection with Mallory Zapata became stronger than his connection with Iyanna, though, things moved quickly in a new path. Throughout this post, we have discussed the relationship that exists between Iyanna and Jarrette.

‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Iyanna and Jarrette Wed

A significant number of viewers and users of social media have expressed their dissatisfaction with the relationship between Iyanna and Jarrette. Whether it was due to Jarrette’s questionable behavior or Iyanna’s notion that she was a consolation prize, devoted fans’ hearts shattered online as they yearned for Iyanna to find her person. Jarrette’s actions may have been a contributing factor.

Iyanna came to the conclusion that she should give Jarrette the benefit of the doubt after having a lengthy discussion with him about trust and keeping one’s vows. Many fans of the show want to know which couple got divorced in the show. So, Check out  Paul Love Is Blind: Why His And Rachel’s Relationship Ended?

Are Jarrett And Iyana Still Together

Even though Jarette has failed in key ways, most people want what’s best for Iyanna. Since Iyanna has been quite outspoken about wanting to go to college, Jarrette expressed concern that they might not be able to afford it.

So, Jarette thinks he needs to be there for Iyanna no matter what happens. Despite the wishes of many on their wedding day that Iyanna would say “I don’t,” the pair decided to go ahead with their wedding nevertheless.

Are Iyanna And Jarrette Together Now?

Fans had high hopes that this couple would be one of Love Is Blind’s happy endings, but on August 17, 2022, they announced their breakup on Instagram. They both announced their decision to split and commence divorce procedures in the same statement, which they shared with friends, family, and followers.

“While we have a love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that’s okay,” the statement reads. “Coming to this decision was far from easy, and we will always wish each other the absolute best.”

The statement also asks for “space” as they gear up for the next chapter of their lives apart from one another. You can see below:


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A post shared by Iyanna McNeely (@iyanna.amor)

‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Wanted Lyanna To Dump Jarrette Immediately

Many supporters believed it to be an open secret that Iyanna was Jarrette’s second choice. Other people have pointed out that up to the wedding, Iyanna wore the gold engagement ring that was supposed to be Mallory’s. Even worse from the fans’ perspective was that Mallory had been openly flirting with Jarrette at the pre-wedding couples’ get-together. As the show is trending, fans are curious to know about every couple from the show. Here’s a post about Danielle Ruhl Love Is Blind.

But neither one brought up cheating or any other such issue while discussing why they were splitting up. Everyone else from the program appears to have left for greener pastures. However, the breakup may come as a relief to some who wanted Iyanna and Jarrette to part ways in the first place.

Anything may happen, as we learned from the first season of Love Is Blind and beyond. Some couples may opt to break up after the program, while others may settle into a committed relationship. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Iyanna and Jarrette are splitting up, despite the fact that the revelation has disappointed some of their fans.

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