How Tell Is FouseyTube? How Much Is The Net worth Of fouseyTUBE?

fouseyTUBE: born January 22, 1990, commonly known by the names FouseyTube and Fousey, is a multi-talented American actor, YouTuber, and social media star who is most well-known for his prank videos.

Fousey’s YouTube career has always taken an erratic course. He used to be seen as the YouTuber whom the audience hated the most. But he has continually demonstrated that he has the abilities needed to create excellent content.

Even though he has stopped adding new videos to his vlog channel, DOSEofFOUSEY, he still expects to earn US$5,000 per month from it. His main channel, FouseyTube, is expected to earn US$21,000 per month. In July 2017, FouseyTube and his family opened a brand-new channel after moving to New Jersey. Fousey, formerly known as TheKatsFamily, has millions of daily views and over 770K subscribers.

How Much Is The Net worth Of fouseyTUBE?

He probably makes a lot of money in terms of his net worth and earnings. Along with acting, he also earns money from his YouTube videos. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million by various sources. Yousef Erakat, an American YouTube personality with a net worth of $4 million, is also an actor, comedian, rapper, and vlogger.

Date of Birth: Jan 22, 1990 (32 years old)
Place of Birth: Fremont, California, U.S.
Gender: Male
Profession: YouTuber
Nationality: American

FouseyTube Professional Career

How Tell Is FouseyTube? How Much Is The Net worth Of fouseyTUBE?

Erakat started recording videos of himself making jokes about people after starting his YouTube account in 2011. More than 24 million people have watched “Phone Call from Osama bin Laden,” his most well-known video. On his YouTube account, Erakat has also uploaded vlogs, challenges, and comedic sketches. Along with Roman Atwood, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and h3h3Productions, he has worked with other YouTubers.

Erakat started appearing in the YouTube Red series Prank Academy in 2015. Additionally, he was a part of the movies Internet Famous (2016) and Natural Born Pranksters (2016). Erakat has made appearances as a guest star on the television programs Ridiculousness and Ultimate Beastmaster.

FouseyTube Boxing Career And Return To YouTube

How Tell Is FouseyTube? How Much Is The Net worth Of fouseyTUBE?

After that, fouseyTUBE joined the English professional boxing organization Winfinity. The organization has already signed Yemeni YouTuber Slim Albaher, and it was revealed that the two celebrities will square off on September 29, 2019. Albaher prevailed in the fight, embarrassing fouseyTUBE, who was rushed to the hospital and required nose surgery after losing and breaking his nose.

Since the loss, fouseyTUBE, who is presently signed with Social Gloves and serves as the ring announcer for fights between YouTube and TikTok stars, has transitioned into the boxing promotion business. He conducted a number of ringside interviews, including those with Tanner Fox and FaZe Rug, and as a result, he established the FOUSEY channel, where he posts films about his engagement in boxing.

More than 220,000 subscribers and more than 16.5 million views have already been attracted to him. There are many boxing-related videos on this channel, but some of the most watched ones include “Bryce Hall VS. Stromedy Full Fight Night!” with 1.5 million views, “Social Gloves Event NASTIEST Knockouts!” with 1.4 million views, and many others.

FouseyTube Personal Life And Who Is Dating Now?

FouseyTUBE has a pretty contentious attitude when it comes to his personal life. His videos criticizing Muslim stereotypes have sparked some animosity from conventional Muslims, but he has chosen to ignore them and pursue his work.

He was apparently spotted kissing other people and referring to one as his husband, raising questions about his sexual orientation as well. He is a straight man, though, and has dated several other celebrities after becoming one himself.

He dated online sensation Lilly Singh, but their relationship ended in 2016. Following that, he began dating social media influencer Alycia Tyre, however, their relationship only lasted from September to December 2016. Additionally, he was spotted with Slovakian YouTuber Daniela Banikova.

His most recent union, which is still going strong, is with popular YouTube vlogger Simmi Singh. They began dating in 2018, and since then, they’ve been in one other’s YouTube videos very frequently.

FouseyTube Videos From YouTube

Over 28 million people have watched “YOGA PANTS PRANK!” his first huge popular prank film. A lot of interest was also shown in his follow-up video, MORTAL KOMBAT ELEVATOR PRANK, SPIDERMAN IN REAL LIFE PRANK! Over 127 million and 168 million people, respectively, have seen the videos.

Similar to that, he started to get a lot of views and subscribers as a result of these videos. His numerous social experiments, such as THE BULLYING EXPERIMENT!, THE KIDNAPPING CHILDREN EXPERIMENT!, THE HOMELESS CHILD EXPERIMENT!, and many more even attracted media attention. He was able to access chat shows and news networks thanks to his experiments, further boosting his popularity. Then he made the decision to launch the fouseyVILLE vlog channel, where he would post a video every Friday.

All of these vlogs were then erased, but he continued to vlog on the DOSEofFOUSEY. Daily vlogs were first posted on this new channel, but after a few months, he abandoned the platform and left almost all of his vlogs private. He published a video titled “YouTube Cribs! Alex Wassabi’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad!” on February 17, 2020, and it has garnered close to 629,870 views.

FouseyTube His Subscriber Achievements

  • On September 7, 2015, he reached a million subscribers.
  • He had 2 million subscribers as of March 31, 2014.
  • On July 2, 2014, he surpassed 3 million subscribers.
  • He gained 4 million subscribers on September 2, 2014.
  • He also gained 5 million subscribers on March 8, 2015.
  • He gained 6 million subscribers on June 13, 2015.
  • He also gained 8 million subscribers on January 22, 2016.
  • He gained 9 million subscribers on July 2, 2016.
  • On June 3, 2017, he reached a milestone of 10 million subscribers.

Body Measurement, Height- How Tell Is FouseyTube?

Erakat is approximately 79 kg tall and 5 feet 10 inches wide. His chest, waist, and arms all measure 42-33-16 inches in total. Additionally, Erakat wears 9.5-size shoes (US). He has dark brown hair and is bald.

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