How Tall Is XXXTentacion? What Has Jenesis Said About The Death Of The Rapper?

On January 23, 1998, Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was born in Plantation, Florida. Onfroy, raised by his grandmother Collette Jones, started acting violently at a young age, attempting to stab a man and beating his mother. His first musical exposure came from the church choir and the school chorus, but later, he was expelled for hitting another student.

After several physical altercations, he was dismissed from middle school. During this time, XXX developed a liking for rock and nu-metal and began learning the piano and guitar. In the tenth grade, Onfroy dropped out of high school due to melancholy and insecurity.

When Did XXXTentacion Sart His Career?

He made connections with other rappers in juvenile jail, such as Ski Mask the Slump God, after releasing the song “Gun/Flock” in 2013. Then he started releasing music on SoundCloud under the stage name “XXXTentacion.” Spanish for “temptation” is “tentacion.” Onfroy published his first EP, “The Fall,” in 2014 after founding the group “Members Only.”

Before quitting his work and devoting all of his time to music, XXX released several mixtapes and EPs. Despite legal concerns, he began creating “Bad Vibes Forever,” his debut album, in 2016. However, his breakthrough came in 2017 with the release of the single “Look at Me.” Even though he was released in 2017 and released more studio albums and mixtapes, including “I Need Jesus” and “17,” another prison sentence delayed the start of his career.

Onfroy launched “The Revenge Tour” in 2017. Several problems arose during this trip, including stabbings, altercations, and more. He released a music video for “Look at Me” after releasing his first solo mixtape, “Revenge.” Eventually, his first solo album, “17,” was certified triple platinum. XXXTentacion’s songs were still made available after his passing.

What Are XXXTentacion Legal Issues In His Career?

Onfroy struggled with legal problems even after his initial incarceration for gun possession in a juvenile facility. He was detained and charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and home invasion two years later. Then, XXX was accused of false detention, tampering with a witness, and aggravated battery on a pregnant victim in the same case.

He eventually received a home arrest release. After being released, a video of Onfroy punching a woman in 2013 appeared. Later in 2018, a tape was made public that purportedly contained XXXTentacion confessing to several crimes, including domestic abuse and stabbings.

Geneva Ayala, XXX’s ex-girlfriend, is likely involved in most of these confessions. Since then, she has charged the rapper with significant abuse. Ayala claims that while she was present, the rapper made numerous suicide threats.

XXXTentacion left behind a legacy that divided people after his death, according to analysts. He “gave depression and mental health issues a voice,” on the one hand. On the other hand, he seemed to have abused many people without any regret. He publicly “brags” about injuring others in many of his songs.

How Tall Is XXXTentacion?
How Tall Is XXXTentacion?

Who Is XXXTentacion’s Girlfriend, Baby Mama Jenesis Sanchez?

For a spell after the rapper’s passing, the mother of XXXTentacion’s child remained anonymous out of concern that she and the child would draw unwanted attention from the media.

Jesus Sanchez, on the other hand, started to view social media as a forum where she could communicate with X’s followers and update them on the birth of their son, Gekyume.

Jenesis, age 22, is a native of Providence, Rhode Island. But at a young age, she and her parents relocated to Tampa, Florida, where she resided.

When asked about the mystery surrounding her identity, Sanchez told Local 10: “I’ve been walled off for such a long period.” She continued by saying that she had to have an emergency C-section to deliver her baby boy and that she was trying to avoid any additional strain.

How Did Jenesis Meet XXXTentacion?

Although they had been dating since January 2018, the two had previously known one another for a while. According to Sanchez, they were introduced at a party by a buddy they had in common. To be nearer to her lover, Sanchez later relocated from her house in Tampa to Parkland in February 2018.

How Tall Is XXXTentacion?

“XXXTentacion” was born on January 23rd, 1998, making him 20 years old at the time of his passing. He was 5 feet 5 inches (1.68 m) tall and weighed 55 kilos (121 lbs) when he passed away on June 18th, 2018, from natural causes.

How Did XXXTentacion Die?

On June 18, 2018, XXXTentacion passed away in Deerfield Beach, Florida, from multiple gunshot wounds to the throat. A black SUV halted his car in the parking lot as he left the Riva Motorsports motorcycle shop.

Two military men approach him, stealing his Louis Vuitton bag from him, which included $50,000 in cash, and then kill him. He was later taken to Broward Health North Hospital, where he was declared dead.

A few days after Dedrick Devonshay’s death, police caught the accused, Michael Boatwright, suspected of firing the gun. They also saw a few other people. The offenders were charged with first-degree murder with premeditation to kill.

His funeral was scheduled, and many of his fans showed up there. There was also a planned memorial service, and prominent rappers attended. In Boca Raton, Florida, in the United States, he was interred in a mausoleum at the Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park.

What Has Jenesis Said About The Death of The Rapper?

She and XXXTentacion’s actual name, Jahesh Onfroy, are referred to by Jenesis as “hermit crabs” who “didn’t get out much.” She reminisces about playing video games for hours at home with the late rapper before making a statement about how she will raise their son: “I will never, ever tell a lie about him [XXXTentacion]. His dad will be mentioned to him often.”

Sanchez said, “I’m going to share with him all the wonderful memories I have of Jahseh, his father. I’ll let him know how much his father would have cherished him. I am aware that occasionally, presumably as he grows older, it will affect him more than it does now when he is younger, but he will undoubtedly be aware of his father.”

Sanchez wrote a letter to her deceased boyfriend in honour of Gekyume’s birthday on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. When I lost you, I used to wonder where I had gone wrong in a previous existence, according to the letter that XXL was able to collect.

The letter says: “Now, all I can think about is how we must have done well to produce such a divine being. Gekyume. It’s unbelievable how huge he’s growing. Wow, it’s hard to believe he will soon turn two. When he sees your images, he acts so grown up that he calls you “Mama” and “Papa.”

Sanchez says, “Every time, it’s a sweet and sour moment for me. He’s incredibly charming and full of character. Incredibly bright, lively, and energized. He has a small attitude similar to yours, so I can’t. However, it quietly warms my heart.” In a video tribute, Jenesis can be seen writing and reading the letter out loud. View above

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