How Tall Is Valkyrie?  Who Is She Dating Now?

Valkyrie, whose real name is Rachell Marie Hofstetter, was born in Washington on January 8, 1992, to a German father and a Filipino mother. She is also a product of the Swiss and Spanish civilizations. She and her younger sister had to grow up without their father, KC Lyn Marie Hofstetter after he died unexpectedly from cancer in 2017.

She graduated from high school and enrolled at a nearby institution. She soon began labouring in the countryside. She started her career at GameStop, an American chain of a video game, consumer electronics, and gaming product speciality stores because she was already an avid gamer. She stayed for more than two years before leaving because she found the work tedious.

What Is Valkyrae Net Worth In 2022?

In 2022, Valkyrae’s predicted net worth is $3 Million. Rachel Hofstetter is the real name behind Valkyrae. She streams on YouTube and Twitch, with over 3 million subscribers and over 2 million followers combined. She works as a content producer for the electronic sports team 100Thieves, in addition to being a player. Even though it’s impossible to pinpoint Valkyrae’s income, we may safely infer that she earns at least $150,000 per month via YouTube.

According to an unintentional leak of Valkyrae’s stream last December, the YouTube star makes around $173,000 each month. The money she earns from other sources, such as being a member of the 100Thieves team, isn’t included because this is only her YouTube income.

Additionally, she has sponsorship agreements with businesses like Mortal Engine and Electronic Arts. Valkyrae primarily plays the game Among Us right now, although she has also played League of Legends and Fall Guys. Fans may anticipate Valkyrae to continue keeping up with the most recent games and trends as she has done in the past, contributing to her popularity.

How Did Valkyrae Start Her Career?

Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Valkyrae is Rachel Hofstetter; her real name is Valkyrae. She began her gaming career by working at GameStop before transitioning to full-time streaming.

Despite having a YouTube channel since 2014, she didn’t begin posting gaming-related content until 2018. She has now accumulated more than 3 million subscribers and has continued to expand her reach.

She first came to the notice of the gaming community through Valkyrae’s Twitch channel. She started streaming in 2015 and has already racked up more than 700,000 fans.

Valkyrae primarily posts gaming-related content and occasionally uploads vlogs and lifestyle videos. Valkyrae constantly adds her contagious charm and passion for gaming to whichever kind of video she posts.

The competitive American esports squad 100 Thieves’ first female gamer and content creator was Valkyrae in 2018. This was a significant victory for both her and female gamers in general.

A constant influence in the gaming world and a source of motivation for budding content producers everywhere are Valkyrae. Her achievement proves that perseverance, hard effort, and a passion for gaming can get you far.

How Much Does Valkyrae Make From YouTube?

While it is impossible to determine Valkyrae’s monthly income, we may infer that she makes at least $150,000 via YouTube. The YouTube personality makes about $173,000 each month, according to an unintended leak from Valkyrae’s program in December of last year.

This solely covers her revenue from YouTube and excludes the money she makes from other sources, such as working on the 100Thieves content creation team. She has sponsorship deals with organizations like Electronic Arts, Mortal Engine, and others.

The majority of Valkyrae’s content at the moment comes from Among Us. Still, she has also played various other games, ranging from more lighthearted ones like Fall Guys to harder ones like League of Legends. Fans can expect Valkyrae to keep up with the hottest games and trends in the following years. This is a significant aspect of her attraction.

How Tall Is Valkyrie?
How Tall Is Valkyrie?

How Much Money Did Valkyrae Make From Twitch, YouTube And Instagram?

Valkyrae has made over $3 million via Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram through ad money, company sponsorship, and affiliate commissions.

At “GameStop,” a store of video games, consumer electronics, and mobile services in the US, Valkyrae started her career. Even though she did not enjoy her job there, she stayed for a year and a half.

After working for a gaming company, Valkyrae developed a passion for games. She switched to live streaming after losing her job. After registering with, Valkyrae started streaming continuously. Her Twitch experience changed for the better when she began playing Fortnite. Valkyrae rapidly attained new professional heights.

Even though Twitch is a platform dominated by men, Valkyrae established herself as one of the platform’s most well-liked broadcasters because of her charm and gaming prowess. She also participated in the “Fortnite” side project “Battle Royale”. Comparatively to other female live streamers on the network, Valkyrae’s “Twitch” fashion preferences are traditional.

This has been crucial in helping her amass a sizable following. Despite this, one of her “Twitch” viewers once harassed her. Until she had private communication with the enigmatic “Twitch” user and threatened to press charges against him, Valkyrae threatened to seek charges against the man.

 Who Is She Dating Now?

Following her split with her colleague streamer and links to other online personas, Valkyrae is thought to be single. Rae spent four years dating fellow streamer Sonii (real name: Michael Sherman). They began dating in January 2016 and called it quit to concentrate on their professions in January 2020.

Before their breakup, the two shared a home, and Rae moved into the Screamer House. It was assumed that Rae and Sonii moved back in together after everyone else in the Screamer House moved out since their dogs—dog, Rae’s Mika and Sonii’s dog, Naru—had both been sighted when they were streaming at roughly the same time on the same day.

However, according to some deleted tweets from Sonii, the couple appears to have split up once more (if they ever got back together in the first place). Rae stayed in the OTV residence for a few days, and after she left, Miyoung moved in with her for a while. This fits with the assumption that they had moved in together. Once more, the two have pursued different goals, and Rae even established a new “Screamer House” with her, Miyoung, Fuslie, Yvonne, and Sykkuno.

It was claimed that Sykkuno, another OTV streamer, and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter were dating. She stated in a recent stream that she views Sykkuno as a sibling and that he frequently behaves in a similar manner. She claimed they had grown very close and fiercely protective of one another.

How Tall Is Valkyrie?

Valkyrie confirmed on her Twitter account that she is 5 feet, 3.5 inches tall, so we have it direct from the source. Her height was questioned because she shared a photo of herself that gave the impression that she was very short, but clearly, good things do come in little packaging.

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