How Tall Is Troy Aikman? What Is His Net Worth In 2022?

On November 21st, 1966, Troy Kenneth Aikman was born in West Covina, California. At 12, he and his family relocated to Henryetta, Oklahoma, after spending his formative years in California. He demonstrated his potential as a future star athlete while living in Oklahoma by participating in football for his high school team.

He earned All-State football accolades and won the typing state championship. Even though he was a gifted football player, the New York Mets offered him a baseball deal after graduating high school. Troy decided on football instead, enrolling at the University of Oklahoma and participating there while playing for head coach Barry Switzer.

Despite only being a freshman, he immediately jumped into the starting lineup and guided the Sooners to several significant wins. His season was cut short by an ankle injury, and he chose to transfer to UCLA. After that, he continued to produce excellent outcomes, and in 2008 he was finally elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

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How Did Troy Aikman Start His NFL Career?

The Dallas Cowboys selected Aikman with the first overall choice in the 1989 NFL Draft. Troy steered the group to a Super Bowl triumph in 1992. 1993 saw the successive Super Bowl triumph, and 1995 saw the third championship. Troy maintained his great stats well into the late 1990s, but by 2000, he had decided to retire.

At first, he claimed to the media that he wanted to stop playing because he couldn’t join another team. He eventually admitted in 2013 that his ongoing injuries were the underlying cause of his retirement. In particular, he had major back problems that required ongoing care to relieve the discomfort. Aikman experienced numerous concussions throughout his career, particularly in his final season, but he insists that they had no bearing on his choice to retire.

Is Troy Aikman Married?

Troy Aikman has married twice since being crowned Dallas’ most eligible bachelor in the past. Aikman wed former Cowboys spokeswoman Rhonda Worthey on April 8, 2000. They divorced on April 12 of the same year after separating in January 2011. Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley are the two girls Aikman and Rhonda have together.

On September 1, 2017, he wed high-end fashion retailer Catherine Mooty in a second marriage. The former professional basketball player wrote on Instagram, “June 2, 2017 – A beautiful day as I proposed to the love of my life,” to announce the couple’s engagement. Aikman was linked to country singer Lorrie Morgan and actress Sandra Bullock before marriage.

How Tall Is Troy Aikman?
How Tall Is Troy Aikman?

Who Are Troy Aikman’s Parents?

Kenneth Aikman and Charlyn Bailey Aikman are Troy Aikman’s parents. Troy Aikman’s father is Kenneth Aikman. He was divorced from the athlete’s mother in 2000. Lincoln Township, a community in Iowa, served as Kenneth’s upbringing. Troy has a close relationship with his mother. Charlyn Bailey, a daughter of Mark and Tomasina Bailey, was born into the family.

She has a sister named Melanie, and a brother named Mark Jr. She attended Jordan High School for her studies. After graduating, she enrolled at Long Beach State College. Myron Aikman and Irene Petersen, who both died, were parents of Kenneth. Gene, his brother, and Joanne’s sister were both predeceased while he was a little child.

How Long Was Troy Aikman In The NFL?

Aikman started as quarterback for the University of Oklahoma for the first time since World War II after playing high school football. Aikman fractured his ankle, and Jamelle Holieway, the quarterback who later led the Sooners to the 1985 National Championship, took over. Aikman decided to transfer to the University of California, Los Angeles and play for the Bruins.

Aikman received the Davey O’Brien Award in 1988 for being the greatest quarterback in the country. Aikman was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008, twenty years after his initial election. On November 28, 2014, during a game against Stanford, UCLA retired his jersey, number 8, at a ceremony that took place at halftime.

The Dallas Cowboys selected Troy Aikman as the first overall choice in the 1989 NFL Draft. He was a squad member until his final professional season in 2000. While playing with the Cowboys, Aikman won three Super Bowl championships and the MVP award for Super Bowl XXVII in 1993. 2006 saw Aikman’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

What Is His Net Worth In 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Aikman has an estimated net worth of $60 million. ESPN said on March 16, 2022, that Aikman would replace Joe Buck as the voice of NFL Monday Night Football.

Along with the former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, he was a former co-owner of the Hall of Fame Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing team. Aikman previously held a part-time ownership interest in the Major League Baseball team San Diego Padres.

How Tall Is Troy Aikman?

NFL quarterbacks typically stand 6-foot-3, which is a bit shorter than Aikman. Dan McGwire, a 6-foot-8 player who joined the Seattle Seahawks in 1991, was the tallest player. A typical QB build is more elevated than usual but not so tall that they are too slow to dodge sacks nimbly.

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