How Tall Is Nessa Barrette? When Did Nessa Barrette Start Her Music Career?

How Tall Is Nessa Barrette: Internet sensation, singer, and songwriter Nessa Barrett is American. Barrett was born and raised in the New Jersey township of Galloway. She claimed that performing arts had piqued her interest since she was a small child. She names The Neighbourhood, Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, and the Arctic Monkeys some of her musical influences.

In 2019, Barrett initially found success on TikTok with her original songs and covers. Later, in the middle of 2020, she published her debut single, “Pain,” and since then, EPs and singles have been released. Likewise, now we can see people searching for How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?

She relocated to Los Angeles in 2020 from New Jersey to concentrate on her music career. She has 18.4 million TikTok followers, 1.04 million YouTube subscribers, 6.9 million Instagram followers, and 1.9 million Twitter followers as of 2022.

How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?

Nessa is a typical-sized woman, at 5 feet 3 inches tall. She is about 50 kg in weight and has stunning emerald eyes. Nessa, a Leo, has a seductive countenance and an alluring aura.

She also has a beautiful physique and a thin build. She is an American citizen. Likewise, now we can see people searching for How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?

How Did Nessa Barrette Start Her Social Media Career?

2019 saw Nessa’s first spike in popularity on TikTok. She usually shared videos of herself lip-syncing to popular songs, dances, and challenges on the app. She shared song covers on the app as well.

Warner Records contacted Nessa in 2020 and signed her to the label. Under the title, she debuted with the song “Pain.” The music has received over 12 million YouTube views and over 14 million Spotify streams as of 2022.

In October 2020, she released her second single, “If U Love Me,” to release music mainly in the alternative pop and punk genres. In December 2020, she released a darker rendition of Eartha Kitt’s song “Santa Baby.”

Barrett and musician Jxdn collaborated on the tune “La Di Die,” which was released on February 19, 2021. Barrett and Jxdn co-wrote the song alongside other authors, and Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame oversaw its production. The piece focuses on the negative aspects of celebrity, how it is portrayed, and how depressing and isolating it can be.

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On April 7, 2021, Jxdn and Barrett gave the song a live performance on the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” On April 12, 2021, they also gave the song a live performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The music has had over 50 million YouTube views and over 12 million Spotify listens as of 2022.

Barrett’s single “Counting Crimes,” which she claims is about responsibility and accepting responsibility for one’s sins and failings, were released on June 25, 2021.

Ultimately in July 2021, she announced that she would release her debut EP, Pretty Poison, which featured six songs and was later made available on September 10 of that same year. World Suicide Prevention Day fell on the same day as the album’s release, and according to Barrett, this was significant for the promotion of appropriate mental health care.

She debuted with her track “I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead” in August 2021 on the US Billboard Hot 100 list. The song debuted on the charts at position #88. Over 15 million Spotify streams and 13 million YouTube views for the music.

For brand offers and promotions, Barrett has teamed with several brands, including VintageWaves/ Major Waves and Novashine. In 2020, Nessa also debuted her product brand.

How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?
How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?

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What Is Nessa Barrette’s Net Worth?

Nessa Barrett’s fortune as of 2022, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth, is $1 million. She mostly makes money from brand partnerships, social media posts, and music releases.

She makes between $50K and $80K on TikTok for each brand agreement. According to Social Blade, her monthly revenue from YouTube is predicted to be between $813 and $13,000, and her yearly income is between $9.8 and $156.1,000.

According to multiple media reports, Barrett has over 3.3 million Spotify subscribers and makes at least $1.2 million in royalties from her recordings. Additionally, she receives at least $600,000 in revenue from streaming platforms like Apple Music and Amazon.

Is Nessa Barrett Dating Jaden Hossler?

Nessa Barrett is dating Jaden Hossler, a fellow member of the alt-pop group Jxdn. She previously dated Josh Richards, another TikTok celebrity. Shortly after dating for a brief while in 2022, the pair split up.

They used to collaborate on a lot of TikTok videos, and their fans adored their chemistry. After learning of their separation, many people experienced heartbreak.

When Did Nessa Barrette Start Her Music Career?

How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?
How Tall Is Nessa Barrette?

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She released “If U love me” and another song called Santa Baby in the latter half of 2022, her second dramatic and romantic-revenge hymn. In 2022, Barrett and her current boyfriend, another alt-pop singer Jxdn, launched their radio single La Di Die anthem, produced by Travis Barker.

Later, Barrett appeared on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside Jxdn and Travis Barker. Another song by Barrett, Counting Crimes, about leaving behind something harmful with an uplifting nasty bitch energy, was released on June 25, 2022.

She announced that she would be releasing her debut EP, dubbed Pretty Poison, on the Zach Sang Show. According to Barrett, the EP will be released on September 10, 2022, with seven brand-new songs.

In August 2022, she was also placed lower than 100 on the US Billboard Hot 100 for the song “I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead.” She is also similarly well-liked on Instagram, where she shares pictures, videos, and singing excerpts from her daily life. She has an Instagram following of more than 5.8 million. Her current concentration is on establishing her musical career.

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