Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Build Has Been Leaked Online!

Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Build Has Been Leaked Online:  Leaks happen most frequently in December 2022. We received the Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade source code in less than a month, along with leaked builds of PREY 1995 and Halo 3. Horizon Forbidden West is the game that comes next on the list.

I’m confident that most people will be able to find the leaked alpha build even though we won’t be publishing any links to it. A Debug Menu Unlock Code that may be unpacked using PKGEditor is included with this alpha release. As a result, hackers and modders can look at, gather, and analyze the game’s alpha content.

Theoretically, a jailbroken PS4 should be able to run this alpha build. However, I don’t think this is THAT fascinating, especially for PC players. After all, there is no way to play it on a PC right now.

Sadly, there isn’t a video of this leaked build or one that compares it to the official/retail version. GeForce Now had Horizon Forbidden West on their list of leaked games. As a result, a native PC port may be coming shortly (theoretically, in 2024 or 2025).

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