High School Student Killed In Shooting At Baltimore Shopping Center 1 Dead And 4 Injured!

Student Killed In Shooting At Baltimore Shopping Center: In a shooting outside a Baltimore shopping center on Wednesday, a high school student died, and four other kids were hurt.

According to the Baltimore Police Department, the five students were shot at roughly 11:18 a.m. in a parking lot close to a Popeyes restaurant at the Edmondson Village Shopping Center.

The pupils go to Edmondson Westside High School, across from the mall. Authorities think they visited the mall during a school lunch break. Police locked down the school as they conducted their investigation.

Baltimore City Public Schools tweeted, “Today, we discovered five students were injured after being shot in a shopping complex across from Edmondson Westside High School.” “Unfortunately, one of the pupils has died.”

Investigators, according to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, think two shooters opened fire on the crowd before escaping behind a structure.

Harrison said at a news conference, “What we believe is that two shooters started to open fire at the other people who were all gathered in front of the mall.”

Edmondson Westside High School classes have been canceled for Thursday while detectives look for the suspects. Harrison stated, “We’re looking for video right now.” “Searching for eyewitnesses. Anything that could explain how, why, or who is accountable for this is what we are searching for.”

Student Killed In Shooting At Baltimore Shopping Center
Student Killed In Shooting At Baltimore Shopping Center

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The deceased pupil was 16 years old. Two 17-year-old boys and two 18-year-old males were among the injured, according to the police, who said that the victims were transferred to neighboring hospitals.

Harrison continued, “This didn’t have to happen. “We’re discussing the widespread use of firearms. We’re discussing the readiness to use them. And now we’re talking about people who are young and involved in either firing the trigger or being a shooting victim.”

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