What Is Heart Evangelista Height? What Is Her Real Name?

Heart Evangelista Height: Love Reynaldo Evangelista Ongpauco, a businessman from the Philippines, and Maria Cecilia del Gallego Payawal welcomed Marie Payawal Ongpauco into the world on February 14, 1985, in Manila.

With siblings on both sides of her parents’ families, Evangelista is the youngest of the group. Star of the 1960s, Liberty Ilagan, is her aunt. She was raised in the United States after leaving the Philippines as a young adolescent. At 13, she began her career as an actress and model.  Likewise, now we can see people searching for Heart Evangelista Height.

What Is Heart Evangelista Height?

As of 2022, Heart Evangelista will be 37 years old. She was born on February 14, 1985. She is 45 kg in weight and 1.75 meters tall. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Heart Evangelista Height.

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How Did Heart Evangelista Start Her Career?

Career Heart made her television debut in programs like My First Romance, Berks, G-mik, and Ang Tanging Ina between 2000 and 2004, where she was coupled with John Prats.

The Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation gave the two the title of “The Most Popular Loveteams in RP Movie” at this time. During this time, Heart received numerous accolades for her work as a solo performer, which influenced her career.

The heart was then cast with Geoff Eigenmann in the movie Bcuz of U and the television series Hiram. In 2005, she was chosen to play the lead role in the ABS-CBN drama Ang Panday.

When she switched networks from ABS-CBN to GMA in 2008, she made her debut on the channel as the star of Codename: Asero. She then played a twin in another part in the television series Luna Mystika.

Whole House, Dwarfina, Legacy, Luna Blanca, Beautiful Stranger, and My Korean Jagiya are a few other roles worth mentioning. She issued her self-titled debut album in 2003.

I am Love Marie: The Art and Works of Love Marie Ongpauco was the title of the artist’s first exhibition, which took place in 2014 at the Ayala Museum.

Her third exhibition was named Love Marie: A Solo Exhibition of a World-Class Filipina, and her second exhibition was held at the Love Marie gallery. She has collaborated as an artist with fashion designers like Mark Bumgarner and A.A. Patawaran.

What Is Heart Evangelista Height?
What Is Heart Evangelista Height?

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What Is Her Real Name?

The heart is a Filipino actress, artist, businesswoman, and socialite. She started acting at 13, and her valid name is Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco. Francis Escudero, a congressman, and the 37-year-old woman got hitched in 2015.

What Is Heart Evangelista’s Net Worth?

Heart Evangelista started working while she was young, and as of November 2022, she has a net worth of $4 million. She has a varied background in acting, singing, and the arts. She has participated in several shows in the Philippines, and the February issue of American Harper’s Bazaar included some of her work.

The well-known Filipina beauty Evangelista is also a musician, artist, and actress. Her beautiful visage has graced our screens since 2000 in various movies and television shows. She is a great person with a large heart who started the Heart Can Foundation and is actively involved in charitable work.

Who Is Heart Evangelista’s Husband?

What Is Heart Evangelista Height?
What Is Heart Evangelista Height?

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Senator Francis Escudero, who is currently Evangelista’s husband, and she were married in February 2015. The Balesin Island Club hosted a small ceremony where the pair exchanged vows.

Heart informed her followers that she was expecting her and her husband’s first child in May 2018; however, she lost one of the twins she was carrying after just a few days. In June of that year, she announced that she had miscarried and had lost the second twin.

Heart established the Heart Can foundation to help kids with respiratory issues. She also backed the SOGIE Equality Bill, for which she was given the Equality Champion Award.

The heart has been promoting the Philippine Animal Welfare Association (PAWS) as the organization’s spokeswoman for a long time. She has contributed to many charitable organizations, including the Corridor of Hope for young cancer patients, Balikatan Thalassemia, and the Cerebral Palsy Association.

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