The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Release Date Status Confirmed or Not? Cast, Plot & More Detail!

This is fantastic news for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale has been officially ordered and will premiere in the fall! As early as December of 2020, cast members stated that the show would be renewed following the conclusion of season 4.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to tell these tales with our wonderful cast and crew, and can’t wait to be back on the air with season four next year.”

Is this, however, the final season? Season five may or may not be the show’s final excursion, according to Miller in a new interview with THR:

When it comes to the future of the show, “we talked about it, [Elisabeth Moss and I have talked about it], and the writing crew and I have talked about it, about where we’re heading specifically.”

According to a recent interview he gave for Deadline’s Contenders TV event, he said: “I’m never aiming to terminate it… I’m not so ready to say, “Oh, you know, let’s just walk away.” because the team developed an excellent television show.

As long as I’m writing for Elisabeth Moss, it won’t get much better.”

In an interview with Deadline, Jordan Helman, Hulu’s head of scripted originals, emphasized the significance of ending the show in a “creative approach that seems genuine.” In response, he said, “We don’t have a solution.” We should be able to answer that question within the next few months, I believe.

A spin-off series based on Margaret Atwood’s recent source material may be the answer.

“The Testaments on Hulu and the final denouement of The Handmaid’s Tale are related,” Helman continued. “We’re working on that right now.”

It has already been announced that a season six is also being worked on, so perhaps the story will continue to be filled with more terrible, bleak-future events.

For *future us,* however, that’s a problem to consider. Meanwhile, let’s see what The Handmaid’s Tale season five has in store.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Potential Release Date: When Will It Air?

The Handmaid’s Tale has yet to return to our television screens as of March 2022.

However, the show has returned to Ontario, Canada, where it was shot, to begin production.

Filming was taking place in the Brantford region from mid-February to mid-March for a show called Ruby Road, according to a notice posted in the area. The Handmaid’s Tale may have been produced under the codename “Ruby Road” (the color of the cloaks worn by the Handmaids, of course).

Filming will take place in Brantford, one of the many Ontario locations the show has utilized in the past, as well as in a private property, according to a supplementary notice. They’ve promised to keep the noise level down for the neighbors (at least during the evenings).

It was also earlier reported that filming would begin in February 2022 by Ann Dowd, who plays Aunt Lydia, to The Independent.

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Brugel also shared a video from backstage titled “season 5” and showed a chair with the name Rita written on it, which she posted on February 9.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Cast: Who Will Be in It?

In Gilead, even if June has fled to Canada, it doesn’t mean that all of the characters are now secure from danger.

Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale is expected to have the following cast members if the majority of the original cast members return:

• Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne
• Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy Waterford
• Alexis Bledel as Emily
• Madeline Brewer as Janine
• Ann Dowd as Aunt Lydia
• O-T Fagbenle as Luke
• Max Minghella as Nick
• Samira Wiley as Moira
• Bradley Whitford as Commander Lawrence
• Amanda Brugel as Rita

Christine Ko, star of Hawaii Five-0, has been added to the Handmaid roster.

Christine Ko, well known for her role as Dave’s Lily, will return to the show in a recurring role. Lily’s description as “a gritty, resourceful Gilead immigrant who is now a leader in the resistance organization” is sure to add drama to the show.

Joseph Fiennes, who played Fred Waterford, will not be returning to the show any time soon. June recruited the help of her fellow survivors to ultimately avenge the killing of the Commander in the no man’s land between Gilead and Canada at the end of season four.

Even though June was abused by Fred, we wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up in flashbacks or in June’s dreams from time to time.

Showrunner Bruce Miller confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that we will be able to see the entire season “Without a doubt, I believe Fred will reappear. I would be dead if I didn’t get to see Joe [Fiennes] “Nonetheless.

When asked by TVLine if Serena will believe June is to blame for her husband’s murder, Strahovski said: “Yes. Absolutely.” I have a feeling she’ll know deep down. They’re so close, I have no idea if that hasn’t crossed her thoughts… It’s possible June told Serena about it on purpose to instill terror in her if Serena ever leaves the detention facility. Wouldn’t that be something?

Is it possible to live in the real world with a baby if you know that someone out there is capable of doing anything like that to your husband or your partner??” That is the most paranoid existence you could ever have, knowing what June has done.”

Miller spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how Fiennes could return, saying: “That Serena and Fred’s stories have never been told before in Gilead is intriguing to me. In the epilogue, we return to the Waterford house to see what happened to Fred and June. I would never rule out the possibility of doing something like that. It’s very cool that June and the viewer are on the same page and remember the same things.

“There were many flashbacks when June was telling us things about Hannah that we didn’t already know. However, we’ve now joined her. It comes back to me while she is walking to see Fred and recalling the time she walked to the wedding ceremony. That experience isn’t only about being carried by her, it’s about walking beside her.

There are so many ways in which it could change the world.” It has the potential to make Serena a more sympathetic character. It has the potential to send her into out-of-control anger or perhaps a state of euphoria. It has the potential to either make June famous or land her in prison. She’s a refugee who committed this crime, but who will ever find out? Who was there, and who will tell them? The good thing is that it may either be a huge image of inspiration and encouragement for the Handmaids, or an image that disparages them.

Handmaid's Tale Season 5

This was my intention when I placed the image at the end of the episode: to make the viewer see something completely different.” Those moments when you’re like “Oh my god, she accomplished this.” Fred is this horrific thing with no head, and yet she’s standing there with the baby. It’s great and awful all at the same time. This is all wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end. In the future, when June closes her eyes, she sees a picture of Fred.

There is little doubt that Fiennes is eager to carry on the story (via Fortress of Solitude). I would love to see an episode where we go back to Fred’s early days and look at the guidance and assistance he gave to Serena, he remarked in the interview. A look at how things went awry would reveal the corrosive consequences of power on a lesser person such as Fred, whose personality is hidden under a double-breasted jacket and a political position. ”

Serena’s nameless child will join the Waterford clan and the rest of the cast in season five, although we doubt they’ll be played by anyone notable.

We’re almost positive that McKenna Grace will resume her role as Mrs. Keyes in season five, even though she has only featured in two episodes so far. Now that Aunt Lydia has forced Esther to become a Handmaid, she’ll need all the support she can get! It’s a good thing she has Janine for company…

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Plot: What Will the Second Season Be About?

Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, detailed the series’ genesis at the time:

“When it initially came out, people thought it was ridiculous. “However, when I wrote it, I made sure that I wasn’t putting anything into it that humans hadn’t already done somewhere or at some point.” A report in The Guardian stated that (

For the past four seasons, we’ve seen glimpses into the brutality of man, but what can we expect from season five?

The Handmaid’s Tale’s plot details are scarce for now, but it’s safe to say that June’s trauma following her escape from Gilead to Canada will continue to be explored.

Ann Dowd, who portrays Aunt Lydia, has already hinted that the season’s first few episodes will be explosive.

“I’ve only read the first two episodes, but I’m already hooked. Nothing like this could have been predicted for me. “You’re wondering, ‘What?!'” she told The Independent about reaching the fifth season.

This is not in an unusual way, as in ‘How could it possibly happen?'” she added. As if to say, “[gasps] That’s amazing.” It’s fantastic.

According to Dowd, “There’s a lot of ‘Woah, Woah, Woah.'”

It’s not just Dowd who’s promising a thrilling comeback for season five. There is little doubt that the next season will live up to the expectations set by the show’s stars in an interview with TV Line, according to Moss.

According to June’s Moss, “I will say that the season itself is maybe one of the wildest rides that we’ve had.

“We’ve had a few seasons where a lot has happened. During some seasons, there isn’t as much going on.”

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“I nearly can’t keep up with what’s happening in the forthcoming episodes,” she continued, “and it’s not lip service. I’m virtually unable to keep up with the sheer volume of activity that’s taking place.”

In an interview with Stylist, Moss said that the cast has been working hard to produce this exciting new season. “As a result, we’ve had to put in a lot of time and effort, which has been difficult. However, I would describe it as a never-ending adventure.”

The cast has been hinting about the rest of the facts, but Moss has stayed tight-lipped.

Moira, played by Samira Wiley, previewed how the episode will begin when she appeared on The View in March 2022 “After a brief pause, we’re right back where we started. Commander Waterford’s fate is well-known to those who watched the season finale. June, as always, finds herself in a bit of a jam.”

Following the news that her daughter, June, had made it to Canada, Samira warned that there was more to come: “She now has access to resources she didn’t have before she moved to Gilead. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. With the support of her friends, June can take on Gilead from the comfort of her own home country.”

However, will the often contentious aesthetic of torture-porn persist?

Last year, Rita’s actress Amanda Brugel spoke with Digital Spy about the controversy: “Making people uncomfortable is the only way to have an impact, in my opinion. Arouses an emotional response, but not so much that people flee, but enough to get them to rise and pay attention.”

And she also hinted at the show’s upcoming season five intensity. On the topic of violence against women, misogyny, and gender equity: “I think we must show that we are not even close to being done with our path,” she remarked.

However, whether or not the program continues through season five will determine whether or not it gets the time to explore everything it wants. The Handmaid’s Tale will “keep going” as long as Elisabeth Moss is involved, according to Miller.

“This story has a lot of life in it,” he said to Deadline. What happened in ‘The Testaments,’ and whether or not it’ll be a part of our future, intrigues me.

Ten years after the events of the first novel, in The Testaments, three women, including Aunt Lydia, look back on June’s legacy in Gilead and beyond.

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dowd commented on her casting, “That feels amazing.” Right now, I’m going to admit that I was hoping they’d let me play her. In that case, the actress who would have been cast should keep an eye on her back because I would pursue her until she relinquished it.'”

According to her, “I was fascinated by what Aunt Lydia does and how she does it, her comprehension of Gilead to its core and what will bring it down. Let’s get serious. How [she] got involved in Gilead initially surprised and didn’t surprise me.

While playing a character like Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale, I searched for a connection between myself and the character that could help me understand her actions.” With the reading of “The Testaments,” Lydia realized right away that “I must do this to live and survive in this world,” as a judge of the family court system. When the other aunts see that I can outdo them in every way, they will have no choice but to bow to my authority.

No word yet on whether or not The Handmaid’s Tale will be able to explore this material because it has already been signed by MGM Television and Hulu for a second TV adaptation.

But June’s drive for vengeance may have lost her the family she always wanted to be reunited with in the process of doing so. Season four ends with her killing Fred and returning home to Nicole, bloodied. Just a few minutes with her child? June asks Luke. She knows she’s crossed a limit.

With the support of Emily and other survivors, anticipate June to continue her resistance against Gilead from Canada in the future. According to the way the closing moments were shot, we may expect a full-fledged conflict and plenty of deception.

The actress shared her thoughts on the upcoming fifth season with Digital Spy, as well as her plans for Rita and June. “June will either have to flee or go into hiding, in my opinion. I believe she’ll be a target. There are going to be a lot of pieces to pick up in Canada.

“My connection with Serena Joy, while complex, is likely to develop now that she’s expecting a baby, and because Rita’s… Her concern for Serena Joy and the presence of a kid is genuine.”

She came to the following conclusion: “Gilead’s only genuine goal for my character, in particular, was to have children.

Now that she has fled Canada, she still has the desire to raise a child, because she lost her son, as we already know.”

Season five, which Miller refers to as “Sophie’s Choice: The Series,” will be the subject of an interview with Miller for Entertainment Weekly.

What is the American story? Can we get back to normal or do we need to move on to something new?” According to Miller, “that’s where June is right now.” This is a dreadful thing she’s done, and there’s no turning back now for her. Is she able to recover? Or will she have to come to the realization that in order to leave a better world for the future generation, she will have to give up her entire life?

“And I don’t believe it’s just a matter of switching administrations. Even if you manage to pass only one piece of legislation—as is the case now—you’ll have to keep fighting for the rest of your life. It seems to me that for June, it’s the melding together of June as a mother and Offred as a warrior.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Trailer: When Can We See a Netflix Promo?

We won’t be able to sneak any fresh footage out of Gilead until work on season five picks back up. I’m truly sorry!

Even so, we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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