George Watkins Obituary: How Did His Accident Happen?

George Watkins Obituary: George Watkins, a student at Manville High School, was reportedly engaged in a car-pedestrian collision on Thursday, December 22, 2022, according to sources. According to the report, the accident was severe. There haven’t been any other details about the accident from other sources.

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What Is The Family of George Watkins?

A father and son have an unbreakable bond. The relationship between 14-year-old George Watkins, Jr. of Manville, and his father, George, could be compared to that.

“We had a special bond since he is one of those people that only appears once in a lifetime. You just knew that he would be successful in all he does in life, “Watkins spoke of his kid. Tuesday evening, Watkins, Jr. tragically lost his life when he was struck by a pickup truck while crossing North Main Street in Manville.

Watkins said George was supposed to be picked up after basketball practice that night but preferred to stay. “Daddy, I want to support the girls’ squad,” he stated,” Watkins said.

George was hit when he left the practice with his mates to fetch food at McDonald’s before the girls’ game started. At the Watkins household, where George died, his father, stepmother, sister, age 16, and brother, age 4, were all devastated.

“For his sister, he was always there. That was his very best pal. He treated her like his little sister and was too protective of her, “Watkins stated. “We were close to one another. I raised him and his sister alone for the first ten years of their lives. They were both raised by me alone.”

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Watkins, Jr.’s birth mother had passed away a few years prior, and Watkins claimed that his daughter is still grieving her loss and that of her brother. Since his passing, the Watkins family has received support from the neighborhood. No one has anything negative to say about George, and it appears that he impacted everyone’s life at some point.

George Watkins Obituary
George Watkins Obituary

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“He was a charming man all around. He was known to all the principals, and George was well-liked. George was well-liked by all. You should examine yourself if you didn’t like George, “Watkins stated.

George’s brother would refer to him as “Dudey,” and he went by the moniker “Dude.” Watkins remembered how, everywhere they went, strangers would approach them and exclaim, “Hey, Dude!” George had pals about.

At Manville High School, the endearing athlete competed in various sports, including baseball, basketball, and wrestling. Additionally, George loved skating and had earned a stellar reputation in the neighborhood.

Manville Superintendent Dr. Jamil Maroun described the young guy as “a dynamic, charming, wonderful young man who had many friends who genuinely cared about him.” George served as a mentor to other young people in the neighborhood and had aspirations of becoming a police officer.

George participated in the Plainfield First Responders Program and the after-school Leadership Program because his father had a job there. He also participated in the 65-cadet Junior Police Academy (also known as Queen City Mentoring Academy).

In a recent letter of recommendation for George, Bernel Harrison, a 21-year veteran of the Plainfield Police Department, said that “he makes it simple to boast about him.”

“George soon moved from being a participant to a volunteer. George is knowledgeable and a good follower of instructions. He consistently placed first in our marching and drill contests and had a lifelong dream of becoming an FBI agent.

This requires focus and self-control, “Harrison wrote. “George is intensely focused on the subject and has a strong moral compass. He has a fantastic rapport with kids and is patient with them.”

George was constantly watching out for others, resisting bullies, and avoiding trouble. According to Watkins, he liked everyone and was loved in return. “I never purchased life insurance for my kids because I believed it to be bad karma. However, you never plan for a fatal accident, “Watkins stated.

When asked about his favorite recollection of George in the past, Watkins responded, “Looking back.” “just him. I was his biggest admirer.” He was just such a loving person in his brief 14 years of life, said Watkins.

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