Fortnite Earnings: Who Is The Best Player of This Year?

Fortnite Earnings: Since the battle royale mode debuted in late 2017, Fortnite has exceeded all developers’ potential predictions. For a long time, the game dominated not just e-sports but also pop culture. You can decide if it will have a harmful or sound effect. In any case, there is no disputing how well-liked the game became.

As Fortnite gained popularity, it undoubtedly helped some of its players and streamers become more well-known. Players’ and streamers’ careers alike have been given the red carpet treatment so they can shine brighter than ever.

Some people used Fortnite to launch their streaming careers, going on to become industry icons. The others used e-sports to launch their careers. And we’re here today to honor them both. To focus more narrowly, let’s discuss the top professional Fortnite players. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Fortnite Earnings.

1 Arkhram

Diego ‘Arkhram’ Palma unquestionably dominated his field among thousands of professional e-sports competitors. His signing with the prestigious e-sports squad 100 Thieves marked a permanent rise in his career. According to, he has since participated in around 54 Fortnite competitions and made $778,000.

On Twitch, Diego amassed roughly 226,000 followers, and it is anticipated that this number will rise over time. In two competitions, the Fortnite Champion Series and the Duos Cash Cup, Arkhram joined EpikWhale in May.

Throughout May, they engaged in a total of 8 games. They each won roughly $14,000 by successfully securing the second spot in one game and the third position in the other.

Arkhram, sadly, decided to end his professional career with Fortnite, which is terrible news for the community. He completed his contract with 100 Thieves and chose to focus on VALORANT instead after discovering it to be his new passion. Even if Diego only played Fortnite for a short period, he deserves to be counted among the finest players.

2 Mero

If you play Fortnite frequently, Matthew is one of the players you will almost certainly hear about occasionally. I never imagined that I would say this, but here we are. When the defunct team of Outcast Region signed Matthew “Mero” Faitel in May 2020, he started his professional career. He quit after three months of competing under their name.

I can confirm that Matthew’s resume is highly lengthy; it won’t fit in a few paragraphs of a listicle. I can tell you that he has been perusing e-sports groups since he departed, though. Mero is currently playing for the Dignitas team. He has had a contract since May 2022.

And it appears he wants to work with the club in the long run. His finest professional year in tournaments was 2021, when he finished the year with a total of $212,000 from matches alone, placing him in the top 50 list of all-time highest-paid Fortnite players. He is renowned for his work with Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

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3 Bugha

Fortnite Earnings
Fortnite Earnings

Image Source: radiotimes

In the Fortnite community, Bugha rose to prominence while the 2019 World Cup was still going strong. The most significant competition Fortnite has ever held was won by Kyle Giersdorf. However, this was not what caught the media’s interest. He saw the media’s eye because of the enormous $3 million prize he was awarded for winning.

Since his victory, he has transformed his career and personality into being the face of Fortnite e-sports. An internet sensation became the topic of the week around the globe.

Hence increasing public awareness of gaming competitions and e-sports. He became the highest-paid Fortnite player of all time thanks to the triumph, which elevated his standing in the community.

In 2018, Kyle’s father introduced him to Fortnite by describing the game’s Save The World feature. And in 2019, he began his professional career. Bugha was signed by the e-sports team Sentinels in March 2019—well in advance of the world cup. Furthermore, he never actually had a change of heart about the team, and it appears that he has no plans to do so anytime soon.

4 JannisZ

He is among the list’s youngest individuals. Unless the most youthful, that is. Jannis ‘JannisZ’ Matwin has earned close to $664,000 in his professional Fortnite career, placing him as the 25th highest-paid Fortnite player.

Along with being one of the greatest Fortnite players ever, he also has over 479,000 Twitch followers, making him one of the biggest and most well-known Fortnite streams.

In July 2019, Jannis signed a contract with Wave Esports, which marked the start of his professional career. And in March 2021, Jannis left the team after two fruitful years of work.

After joining Guild Esports for nearly a year, he advanced in his profession from March 2021 to March 2022. In March 2022, he rejoined Wave Esports once more and has been competing for them since.

Most recently, on November 27, he and Vadeal (a Wave Esports teammate) competed in the DreamHack Winter competition and won first place, earning a total of $17,000. Also recognized for working with Vadeal frequently is Jannis.

5 EpikWhale

Fortnite Earnings
Fortnite Earnings

Image Source: esports

Next, we’ll introduce you to the Fortnite player who has earned the fourth-highest salary overall. Before the Fortnite 2019 World Cup, Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton joined Team Kungarna, which marked the start of his professional career. After participating in several games under the guise of Team Kungarna, Shane signed with NRG Esports.

Finally, he finished third in the World Cup, earning $1.2 million. The reward and notoriety he received for holding third place in Fortnite’s 2019 World Cup were significant enough to launch his career into stardom. And need not remind you that he was one of the all-time greatest Fortnite gamers as he stood victorious with his outstanding abilities.

EpikWhale’s most recent achievement came in June 2022 when TSM signed him to join their Fortnite roster, adding one more to his long list of accomplishments.

In addition, he won the $178,000 second-place award in the most recent Gamers8 event held in Saudi Arabia, behind only the Fortnite 2019 World Cup. He is undoubtedly one of the finest Fortnite gamers, with all of the prior accomplishments on his resume.

Who Is The Best Fortnite Player This Year?

TaySon must be the person. But the better query is whether he can maintain his position of leadership. He only has a $5,000 advantage over the second and third players, so he will need to put up a solid performance to maintain it.

On Friday, August 12, FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 debuts, featuring a stellar roster of Fortnite players. The top five players are from Europe, but seventh-placed Bugha, who won the Fortnite World Cup in 2019, has a chance to overtake them with a strong performance.

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