Flavor Flav Discusses: How He Spent A Lot of Money On Drugs For Six Years Before Being Sober!

Flavor Flav is transparent about how his drug abuse took over his life. The 63-year-old founding member of Public Enemy admitted last week on the Off the Record with DJ Akademiks podcast that he “never really let people know exactly” what was going on with him at the height of his addiction after celebrating two years of sobriety in October.

“There was a time that I was spending $2,400 to $2,600 a day… for six years straight, you do the math,” he said. “That’s how much I spent on drugs.”

He used to spend approximately $1 million a year on narcotics during the height of his addiction. Additionally, he was trading and using his supply. “I won’t lie; I made a lot of sales. However, I was my best client. I was merely misusing my money at the time, even though I had a lot of money, “Flav remembered.

Flav, real name William Jonathan Drayton Jr., admitted that he “kept it disguised too” and “managed me pretty well” while consuming drugs, but in 2020 he could stop and begin his sobriety path.

God wanted me to survive. He acknowledged that I serve as a mouthpiece for the outside world. “I believe God allowed me to go through it so I might learn from my mistakes and teach others. And perhaps they won’t do so in the future.

Flavor Flav Discusses: How He Spent A Lot of Money On Drugs For Six Years Before Being Sober!

Flav said drugs are simple to start using and extremely difficult to stop. The Flavor of Love actor, who revealed his difficulties with addiction in his 2011 autobiography Flavor Flav: The Icon The Memoir, urged contemporary hip-hop musicians to improve how they depict drug usage in their lyrics.

He explained, “We used to talk about selling drugs back when we used to make drug records. “Discussing who can sell narcotics for the most significant money and who makes the most. For all the hustlers, it was a competition.

“Now, in today’s music, drug use is discussed. So, the music has undergone a significant alteration. Younger children are getting the wrong impression, claimed Flav. Please call the SAMHSA helpline at 1-800-662-HELP if you or someone you know is struggling with substance misuse.

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